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Now that we’re in April, I know everyone is dying to see what songs I was listening to the most in March. Receiptify takes all your Spotify listening from a month and gives you your top ten most listened-to songs. I don’t fully trust the accuracy of the website, so I’ll be giving my thoughts on the songs I got and how likely it is that they’re actually my most listened-to songs of March. 

  1. “Lover You Should’ve Come Over” by Jeff Buckley 

Starting off strong with the love of my life, Jeff Buckley, and his crown jewel, “Lover You Should’ve Come Over.” I get goosebumps every time he sings this song. This is 100% accurate as I’ve been blasting this as I walk to Blanch every day, and it will probably be my top song next month too. I love Jeff Buckley, and if he ever rises from the grave, I’ll be first in line, camping out for the barricade of his concert. 

2. “Criminal” by Fiona Apple

When Fiona Apple said, “When a girl will break a boy just because she can,” my whole perspective on life changed. This is also far too accurate, and honestly, it could be slowly turning into my personal national anthem. It is a little peculiar that my top two songs are heart-wrenching love songs, while I’ve been locked in studying (not heart-wrenchingly in love sadly).  

3. “American Teenager” by Ethel Cain

Would I even be a Mount Holyoke student if Ethel Cain wasn’t one of my top artists? 

4. “Karma Police” by Radiohead

This one is lowkey embarrassing, and I honestly don’t know how it got so high up. Guilty as charged, I do listen to Radiohead; however,  “Karma Police” is not my go-to song by them, so I’m gonna call Spotify out for this one and deny that this ever happened. Also, I blame my Dad, because he definitely got me into them subconsciously. 

5. “Liability” by Lorde

LORDE!!!!!! Lorde is my savior for this year hands down, and I’ll die by that. New music soon, please, girly. Everyone should go listen to “Liability” right now if you’re not already because OH MY GOD. Lorde became way too relatable with the lyrics, “So they pull back, make other plans, I understand, I’m a liability.” This is my formal apology to everyone in Ham on the fourth floor because I have subconsciously been singing this in the shower, so my bad, guys. Sorry if I’m a liability and not responsible for my own actions.  

6. “Ghost in the Machine” By SZA feat. Phoebe Bridgers 

When SZA said, “Everybody wanna be beautiful, scared of the unusual,” I died. Unexpectedly, SZA and Phoebe Bridgers’s voices complement each other perfectly, and Phoebe’s verse is a perfect addition to the song. If two of my favorite artists are on a song together, of course I’m going to be listening to it on repeat always. 

7. “Because I Liked a Boy” by Sabrina Carpenter

My pop princess, Sabrina Carpenter, ate everybody up with this one. This would be my go-to scream-in-the-shower song, but because I’m being considerate of others, I scream it in my head in the shower. I’m forever grateful that I got to see Taylor Swift in concert, but if my opener had been Sabrina Carpenter and I saw Taylor Swift in concert that would have been it for me—the absolute peak of my life and no coming back from it. I have yet to see Sabrina, but one day for sure. 

8. “Babydoll” by Dominic Fike

While “BabyDoll” by Dominic Fike is a pretty short song, it’s so catchy that there are honestly no other words to describe it. Also, the lyrics give clear insight into his life and how he grew up, which is pretty interesting. Dominic Fike is another artist on the top of my “will do anything to see them in concert” list, but he’s only doing festivals right now, and those prices are outrageous. 

9. “Mama’s Boy” by Dominic Fike 

Another Fike song—what can I say, I’m a sucker for the guy’s music. Plus he has some really pretty tattoos, which is completely irrelevant. 

10. “Limp” by Fiona Apple 

The rage in this song is impeccable, and I fully approve. 

Honestly, Receiptify may have accurately portrayed my March listening, but in my opinion, there would have been some songs from The Smiths, The 1975, Noah Kahan, and Faye Webster. But I guess everybody can’t be winners, so sorry to my other loves—maybe next month. 

Keira Shinnick

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Hi, I'm Keira, a freshman at Mount Holyoke and undecided in my major. I love crocheting, reading, listening to all different types of music, and hiking when I can! I'm obsessed with my dogs, statement jewelry, journaling, and getting a little sweet treat after anything and everything.