My Latest Saver's Finds

Buying second hand clothing is environmentally friendly and affordable, and it’s nostalgic of childhood hand-me-down days. Instead of shopping in your older cousin’s closet, Saver’s is your thrifting move. 


Over this past winter break, my sister and I made a few trips to Saver’s and came out with some great finds, always under $20. The good thing about Saver’s is we had bags of old clothes to donate, and when you donate to Saver’s you can get coupons for shopping there. It’s the best cycle of give and get back.

My first and favorite Saver’s find is a little navy blue cardigan sweater vest. This looks super cute layered over a long-sleeved tee. It’s a great way to amp up the style of what is otherwise a plain shirt. 

I also found this Madewell brand gold and white striped shirt. Madewell is definitely not a cheap brand, but at Saver’s I got this baby for three dollars! I actually really dig these two pieces together, and so my “first day of classes” fit was made. 

My sister and I like to go to Saver’s together, it’s one of our favorite things to do. I have to show y’all this amazing button down shirt she bought. It’s gorgeous with such a unique pattern, and it’s actually pretty thick and almost flannel-like in feel. We, naturally, had to do a photoshoot of her in it immediately. 

Finally, and I must flex on her behalf, my sister got this seafoam colored sweatshirt and did a little upcycling to make it cinched and cropped at the waist! I’m really into embroidery and other fiber arts crafting, so I think I’ll have to follow her lead and try altering a second-hand garment very soon!


I hope that seeing the results of a good Saver’s run inspires you to check out your local thrift stores! It’s cost-effective and a far more kind way of shopping for our dear Mother Earth.


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