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My Current Obsessions for Destressing This Fall

It is that time of year when the hustle and bustle of classes, sports, and clubs comes into full swing. There is so much to do and see with your friends, finally all together back on campus. But if there is anything Covid has taught me, it is that I do deserve some time to myself to relax and unwind with some of my favorites. This article will go over some of my favorite ways to take a breather and appreciate giving yourself a break when things seem completely out of control. 

  • Movie Commentaries 
    • There is nothing better, in my opinion, than watching someone roast movies. It’s like watching a movie from a whole new perspective, in a comedic way. Be it Disney movies or horror films, these quirky anecdotes made by the hosts always get me laughing and help me unwind from a long day. I get to take a step back from work and just enjoy nostalgic movies from a whole new view. 
  • Podcasts 
    • Over the summer I got into podcasts, especially true crime podcasts. These podcasts are creepy and utterly fascinating at the same time. Of course, a good laugh does come from these but the content talked about is intellectually mind-boggling. It’s a way to pick your brain or expand your knowledge without reading a long pdf. Your eyes need a break from staring at a computer all day, so take a moment, listen to a podcast, and do something productive while listening to something new. My personal favorites at the moment are “Last Seen” and “My Favorite Murder”. 
  •  Paint By Numbers 
    • Painting by numbers is by far one of my favorite new pastimes. Trust me, I am not artistically inclined but when I say anyone can do these paintings, I mean it. Over the spring semester, paint by numbers was a relaxing way to do something aesthetically appealing and be productive on something besides schoolwork. Pair this up with the podcasts and you’re all set! 
  • Hide and Seek 
    • Now, I know what you are thinking, I’m not talking about the child’s game we used to play. This has a twist. My friends and I have little knick-knacks, specifically a blue plastic dino. Each of us takes a turn hiding the dinosaur in their dorm room while the rest are away. Whenever someone finds the hidden dino, they sneak into another person’s dorm room and hide it to keep the cycle going. It usually takes a couple days for someone to find the little dino but it keeps an ongoing inside joke within the group and a friendly competition to see how long it takes them. 

These are just some of my recent little activities that bring me joy throughout the day. Find those small things that make you smile, and be grateful for your mental health. You deserve more than the small moments but when you have to keep going, the little aspects will get you through. 

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