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Meet Alyssa Sheets



Name: Alyssa Sheets

Class: 2015

Major/Minor: Politics/English

Hometown: Orinda, California


What is your position on Pre-Law Association and what are your responsibilities?  Do you also hold any other board positions for student organizations?

I am Co-President of the newly-revamped Pre-Law Association at Mount Holyoke College! Besides bringing the Association back to life after a year of dormancy, I oversee all of our daily operations, board meetings, general meetings, and event coordinating. I also meet regularly with the Pre-Law advisor at MHC's Career Development Center to talk about long-term goals for the Association, and I represent the Association on Tuesday nights at SGA Senate meetings as our Org Senator. Besides running the Pre-Law Association, I am also a member of the SGA Appointing Board Committee and the Frances Perkins Housing and Inclusiveness Committee.

What was your weekend at Harvard Law School like?

Our weekend at HLS was such an amazing experience. Eleven pre-law MHC students travelled with Meghan, the Pre-Law advisor, for a full day's visit at the law school. We connected with a rockstar MHC alum who is currently a 3L at Harvard Law, sat in on two panel discussions at two different conferences happening that day, and got a personal tour of the famous HLS library. Best of all, we had the opportunity to meet with Ellen Cosgrove, the current Dean of Students at HLS. She is a Mount Holyoke alum as well, and such an inspiration to the Pre-Law Association! 

What do you love the most about the world of law and justice?

Personally, I love the debate in law. I love that legal theory is constantly evolving and adapting as society's needs change. With that evolution comes exciting controversy and passionate debate.

What kind of law are you interested in and why?

This is a difficult question to answer as an undergrad. Lately I have been doing a lot of personal research on family law and IP law. This summer I will be interning at a family law office, where I hope to further explore this delicate and personal area of law. 

What aspects of Elle Woods do you define with the most?  Why?

Being blonde, of course! I also have a very small dog whom I love to dress in frilly outfits.

Is orange the new pink?  Defend your position.

Absolutely not. Pink will always be the best color, every woman looks good in it!

What are your typical weekends like?  What are some of your favorite lounging activities?

My weekends typically consist of catching up on reading and studying for the LSAT in the mornings, but during the afternoons and evenings I make time to hang out with my friends. Lately we have been hitting up the new froyo place across the street in the Village Commons.

What's your most trendy piece in your closet?

My new Mount Holyoke class ring, which I received last week at the sophomore class's Ring and Rose ceremony!

What are the 5 most recently used apps on your phone?

This is a little embarrassing, but I am a Politics major, after all: Reuters, Associated Press Mobile, C-SPANRadio, Al Jazeera, and CNN. 

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