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Lyssi Joseph ’18

Lyssi Joseph is the Sophomore Class President and Her Campus Mount Holyoke’s Co-Campus Correspondent.  She brings positive energy to her job as a leader and is very dedicated the people she serves. For these reasons, I was glad to interview Lyssi as this week’s Campus Celebrity to gain some insight into her passions, her positions, and the joys and struggles of being on the job.


First of all, let's get to know you a little better. Where are you from?

Cary, North Carolina (just outside of Raleigh)


What's your major or minor?

I am an international relations major and a geography minor.


What's your favorite Halloween Candy?

I love any and all kinds of candy (except licorice), but I think a Halloween classic is candy corn!


Why did you decide to run for class president?

I ran for Class President because I really love Mount Holyoke and all the people here. I wanted to become more involved on campus and have the opportunity to meet  members of the class of 2018. I also wanted to help uphold sophomore class traditions like elfing, which was a super fun way to get to know the class of 2019, along with things like Rings and Roses. I just like being able to give back to Mount Holyoke.


Similarly, what drew you to become a Her Campus Correspondent?

I really love editing. It’s one of my favorite things to do, so when the opportunity arose to become co-Campus Correspondent, I jumped on it. I was a little hesitant at first, but it’s been absolutely amazing. I get to work with awesome people and help voices on campus be heard, which is something I’m passionate about.


What is your favorite part about being Class President? What’s your favorite part about being Campus Correspondent?

My favorite part about being Class President is meeting all the members of the class of 2018! I feel like I didn’t really know that many people before I was Class President, so now I get to make new friends everyday! Also, I have the power to send all class emails, which is kind of a rush!

My favorite part about being a co-Campus Correspondent is getting to watch articles, and their writers, come to life. It’s such an interesting and fun process, seeing pieces evolve and seeing writers get excited about their topics. Also, Deborah is one of my best friends, so getting to work with her is cool.


What is the most challenging part about being both a Campus Correspondent and Class President?

I think the most challenging part is balancing everything I have to do along with my schoolwork. (I’m also the public relations manager for Hope of Haiti and a CA). There are times when I feel overwhelmed and overcommitted, so taking time out for myself is essential, even if it doesn’t always seem possible.


What is your favorite thing to do outside your school and extracurriculars?

I love to read, even if I don’t really have time for it during the year, and I love to do karaoke, even if it’s just singing by myself in my room.


And lastly, what would be your advice for women who want to become involved in leadership at their school?

This may sound cliché, but just go for it. If you’re interested in being a leader, don’t stop to think about whether or not people will vote for you, or if people will like you. Just do it. I feel like college is the time when you can just explore, so go ahead! Join new organizations and run for board positions in those organizations. It’s also helpful to talk to the faculty and staff here. Talk to your advisor, your favorite professors, the CDC, or your CA. They’re very willing to help you find positions of leadership. You can also stop and ask me, I have a few leadership positions that need to be filled in my orgs!

So, there you have it folks. If you see Lyssi around campus feel free to say hi, chat, or ask this Campus Celeb about leadership on campus!



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