"LOVE + FEAR": Coming Soon to a Platform Near You

As predicted, MARINA is back in 2019 with a new name, sound, and aesthetic. Formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds, MARINA has released three singles in the months leading up to her much-anticipated new album titled LOVE + FEAR.



From pure indie to bubblegum pop to funky retro synth, MARINA has covered nearly every genre of music throughout her career. She tackles yet another sound on her new album where she takes on a more earthy, acoustic vibe. While there are still elements of pop present, the new music has a distinct separation from classic pop. All of the songs are moderately paced in terms of tempo, but MARINA’s voice has a relaxing, laid back tone throughout all three singles. Picture yourself swinging in a hammock just off the beach, taking in the first days of summer; MARINA’s releases are the perfect soundtrack for that kind of mindset and mood.

Released on February 8th, “Handmade Heaven” was the first of the three singles to be released. The lyrics discuss birds flying free, blue skies, and other wildlife. It was accompanied by a music video which furthers the nature-heavy focus of the tune, with the majority of the scenes showing MARINA walking through a snow-covered landscape while images of flowers are projected over the video. The lyrics and video inspired fans to begin submitting videos of them listening to/playing “Handmade Heaven” out in nature. Due to the popularity of these submissions, MARINA compiled her favorites into an alternate music video titled “Fanmade Heaven.” Although “Handmade Heaven” was an exciting re-introduction to MARINA’s music, it was not the strongest track to announce an album with in comparison to her next releases. That being said, it is still very enjoyable to listen to, especially as a backing track to a peaceful walk or a relaxing read.

Two weeks later, “Superstar” was released along with a visualizer of MARINA floating in a body of water, with lyrics presented at the bottom of the screen. “Superstar” contains the most pop and synth elements of the three songs, with a catchy melody of “ooh”s repeated throughout the chorus. However, it is consistent with her initial release in that her vocals remain mellow and easygoing. “Superstar” is the most reminiscent of MARINA’s previous album, Froot, due to its more electric feel. This second single is also my second favorite of the releases. It sounds more like MARINA  and has a better overall structure. Still, “Superstar” pales in comparison to my favorite of the singles, “Orange Trees.”

“Orange Trees” was released on March 22nd with its accompanying music video. Fans of MARINA who heard her featured on “Baby” back in November may draw comparisons between the two songs in terms of musical style, as “Orange Trees” is comprised mainly of acoustic guitar and percussion. Again, the focus of the song is mainly on nature and finding inner peace, and between the lyrics and the video it gives off strong summer vibes. If you’re looking forward to the warm weather, this song is sure to get you in the mood. Overall, this song is perfectly MARINA while simultaneously sounding unlike any of her previous work. The vocals are interesting, the lyrics tell a beautiful story, and the music is the perfect combination of relaxing and upbeat.

With three singles released in the last two months, it’s impossible to know if another song will be dropped before the album comes out on April 26th, as the album is comprised of 16 songs in total. While you wait for LOVE + FEAR to become available, be sure to listen to “Handmade Heaven,” “Superstar,” and “Orange Trees” on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.


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