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I have been listening to folk punk for many years now and I think it’s such a great music genre that people should listen to more. I would definitely describe it as a niche music genre and an “acquired taste” because it has a pretty unique sound. I have compiled a playlist of what I think are the best folk punk songs and the ones to get you into folk punk. Hope you enjoy! 


1. Try This At Home (Solo Acoustic) – Frank Turner 


Favorite lyrics:

‘Cause we write love songs in C and we do politics in G

We sing songs about our friends in E minor


2. More about Alcoholism – Ramshackle Glory 


Favorite lyrics: 

I swear on my last cigarette that i’d love you my d-d-darling. I’d love you if I could

But since the day I was born, it’s been too late for me to be anything but what I am tonight…


3. Kiss Off – Violent Femmes 


Favorite lyrics: 

And 5, 5, 5 for my lonely

And 6, 6, 6 for my sorrow

And 7, 7 n-n-n-n-no tomorrow


4. Rejoice – AJJ 


Favorite lyrics: 

Rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds

Rejoice because you’re trying your best


5. My Name is Emily – Local News Legend 


Favorite lyrics: 

I’m honestly not sad, I think I’m growing up

And I’m falling in love and getting hurt, I’ve got to suck it up


6. I Was a Young Man – The Owl Service 


Favorite lyrics: 

I was a young man, I was a rover

Nothing could satisfy me but a wife

When I reached the age of twenty

Weary was I of a single life


7. If I Should Fall From Grace with God – The Pogues 


Favorite lyrics: 

Bury me at sea

Where no murdered ghost can haunt me

If I rock upon the waves

No corpse shall lie upon me


8. No Children – The Mountain Goats 


Favorite lyrics: 

And I hope the junkyard a few blocks from here

Someday burns down

And I hope the rising black smoke carries me far away

And I never come back to this town again


9. American Tune – AJJ 


Favorite lyrics: 

I’m a guy getting paid more than a girl with a degree

And I can walk down the streets after dark

No one wants to rape me

And I can get a girl pregnant

And just as easily flee

Just like my straight white male dad did to me


I hope you liked this introduction to folk punk! It’s a very broad genre of music and there’s lots of it so have fun discovering new bands and songs like I do! 


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