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The Future’s Looking Bright for All Time Low


Closely following the release of their ten-year tribute album It’s Still Nothing Personal, All Time Low has dropped a much-anticipated and long-awaited new single. After teasing fans for weeks on their social media accounts with videos showing the progression of their band logo over the years, they finally released one final video debuting their brand new logo, the image of an eye inside of a sun. This is a further adaptation of their two previous logos, which were an eye inside a heart and an eye inside a spade. This trend led some fans to conclude that the next logo would also be a suit, either a diamond or a club, which was ultimately an incorrect theory.


Alongside the final logo montage, they posted a link to their YouTube channel, which led followers to a video that would debut on Tuesday, January 21st. Aside from It’s Still Nothing Personal, All Time Low’s latest full-length album release was Last Young Renegade in 2017. Then in 2018, the band released two songs, “Birthday” and “Everything Is Fine,” on a two track EP titled Everything Is Fine On Your Birthday. It is unknown if these two singles from 2018 will be included on the new album. The new single, “Some Kind Of Disaster,” was released Tuesday alongside its accompanying music video. “Some Kind Of Disaster” is the first song of a new era for All Time Low, as indicated by this message that accompanied each band member’s social media post:


The Young Renegades are no more… Reintroducing your favorite disaster, All Time Low. We took a step away for a minute – did some growing, did some soul searching, some healing… Now we’re back and ready to be all yours again, our battle scars worn proudly, and our hair looking better than ever. (It’s best if you just agree). We’ve missed you all so much and we’re so excited for what comes next. Feels like we’ve been keeping secrets from you for way too long… Been hard to keep our mouths shut, honestly.


It’s a song and dance we’ve done a thousand times before, but this one feels extra-good. Besides, it’s never the same dance twice.

Hope you dig this new song as much as we do… After all, it’s all for you. ☀️ Link in profile.


The song opens by showcasing Gaskarth’s vocals, allowing him to sing through the entire chorus once on his own with little backing instrumentation. As the verse begins, a repetitive bass line is introduced, leading up to the full band joining in on the next chorus. One of the best aspects of All Time Low is how they are able to grow while also remaining true to their roots. Regardless of the evolution of their sound, there is always a sense of their original, raw, pop-punk style. Unlike most alternative bands that have turned to synthetic sounds and auto-tuned vocals, All Time Low still has an authentic feel to their music, which is well represented in this song. Throughout the entire tune, specific instruments can be clearly heard contributing to the song. While music created with new technology (found most prominently in the pop genre) is still enjoyable, there is something special about hearing a song that could be performed live and sound the same as it does through headphones. While the instrumentation is deliberate and present, the main focus of the song is on Gaskarth’s vocals, which stand out above the music throughout the whole song. 



Of all the alternative bands I listen to, All Time Low deviates the least in their sound when it comes to comparing new work to old pieces. While their first few albums may be a little bit grittier when compared to more recent music, All Time Low has not so much changed their sound as matured it. There a comfort in this consistency, as they know what sounds good and continue to provide exceptional hits on all their albums. Gaskarth’s voice is one of the most underrated in the alternative world, in my opinion, and “Some Kind Of Disaster” goes to great lengths to demonstrate just how talented of a singer he is. 


It would be a shame to finish the review of “Some Kind Of Disaster” without touching upon the lyrics. With a chorus perfect for belting while alone in a room or on a long drive, the lyrics rhyme wonderfully and provide depth and emotion to the song. They touch upon the struggles that many people experience when analyzing who they are and what kind of person they should be. It is a reflection on past experience while also looking forward hopefully to the future. Simple enough to get stuck in your head and complicated enough to make you sit and think while you listen, “Some Kind Of Disaster” provides the perfect balance of pop and punk with its catchy and well thought-out lyrics. 


If “Some Kind Of Disaster” is any indication of what the future holds for All Time Low, then their future is very bright. Catchy, clever lyrics and a distinctly pop-punk sound allows “Some Kind Of Disaster” to shine as the first single from the band since 2018. It’s safe to assume that fans can expect many more cryptic messages and videos before additional singles or a complete album is released. While you’re waiting for the next announcement, be sure to listen to “Some Kind Of Disaster,” along with All Time Low’s entire discography, on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, as well as keep up to date with their latest shenanigans on Twitter and Instagram


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