Fun Spring Break Activities!

Are you staying on campus this break? Are you jealous of all your friends that get to go back home? Well I’m going to stop you right there and tell you not to fret, for they should be jealous of you! With Mount Holyoke’s extremely supportive and engaging community there is always something productive and entertaining to do while on campus.

1. Go Out With Friends to the Village Commons

With all of the amazing eateries right on campus why not take the opportunity to visit all of them. Well…. that might be going a bit too far on my part. We also don’t want to go broke. But you can indulge yourself to a well deserved night out with friends at some of Mount Holyoke’s hottest restaurants. My game plan is to check out Johnny’s famous Housemade Macaroni & Cheese and then cap off the night with an Instagram worthy froyo from Berkshire Yogurt. If I’m feeling up to it, I might even catch up on a movie being featured at the Tower Theatre right next door to Berkshire! But you don’t need to restrict yourself to just Johnny’s or Berkshire, try something on campus that you have always wanted to but never really had a good opportunity to, because let me tell you, RIGHT NOW is the very best time. However, if you’re not really down for a fancy night out then at least take a chance to stop by Thirty Mind and grab a Sweet Thai Latte with a sweet treat on the side! Or you can always go to Tailgate and pick up some quick goodies like a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for a late night Netflix marathon with friends.

2. Take the Shuttle to Shop

In my opinion the worst thing about staying on campus for break is missing an opportunity for some quality home cooked meals. Nothing says home like your mom’s famous green bean casserole or grandma’s matzo-ball soup (How much more cliche can I be?)! Unfortunately you will be at Mount Holyoke where the dining halls are closed and you are essentially in the “Hunger Games” with your two packets of ramen noodles and an old bag of chips from Blanch. DO NOT FEAR THOUGH for I have good news! The Mount Holyoke Shuttles will be running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during break offering first come, first serve trips from 1:30pm-4:30pm. Take advantage of this opportunity by splurging on some fresh and local produce to be your own little chef concocting your own “Iron-Chef” worthy dishes. On the bright side it’s also cheaper than the $7.50 you would be spending for lunch and dinner at Blanch. Shake it up a bit, literally, and take advantage of the many golden-pear kitchens all around campus! Try out this super quick and simple Arugula, Brie and Mushroom Pasta recipe that only takes a total of 25 minutes to make. I bet that if you even have your dorm mates try it, they will be convinced you ordered it to go from Jonny’s Bar and Grille.

3. Walk Around Campus and Explore

The campus is finally empty, now is your real chance to whip out your Indiana Jones cap and explore! From taking strolls across Upper Lake to simply running across the green, take up all of the lush, beautiful nature Mount Holyoke has to offer. You can most likely catch me picking up some mileage along the trails or hiking up the mountains around South Hadley. Or you can find me having photoshoots with friends at all of the secret and stunning places on campus. All I’m saying is do something or go somewhere on campus you necessarily would not have during your busy work week. The weather is forecasted to be stunning, besides a few rainfalls (which might I add is a great opportunity to literally  dance in the rain), so take advantage of South Hadley's warm summer rays shining down upon us because based on the track record so far it could disappear in the snap of your fingers.

4. Attend Community Advisor Events

Sometimes you just want to bum out in the comfort of your dorm room, I totally get that! But, now you have an opportunity to socialize AND bum out in your comfiest pajamas. Community Advisors still remaining on campus will be hosting events around campus and in their residence halls entertaining those MoHo’s still on campus. From events such as bonding games to classic movie showings, the Community Advisors can definitely sprinkle a bit of fun on your break! E-mails will be sent out within the first few days of break stating all of the on campus events students can attend. Take the opportunity to escape your heavenly dorm room and socialize with some other students stuck on campus as well. You never know what kind of new relationships can spark!


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