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There are many Halloween costumes out there to choose from and come October it can feel a bit overwhelming. Unfortunately, in today’s costume world it can be a challenge to find a unique costume that has meaning. I’ve compiled a list of feminist icons whose looks are easy to re-create and don’t sacrifice your feminist ideology. Get ready to feel smart, beautiful, and powerful because these icons kick butt!


1. Wonder Woman

Whether you go all out in the classic red, white, and blue metallic Lynda Carter look, or for the modern Gal Gadot’s version, you’re guaranteed to be one of the most badass women at the Halloween party. For the classic superwoman look, all things red, white and blue with gold metallics will do. Pair this look will a high pair of red boots and a gold crown and you’re ready. To go all out, add a red, white and blue cape for the all time accessory. You will look unstoppable.


2. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

Even though she got into Harvard to chase a boy, Elle Woods realized that her brain and compassion were more important than any  guy. Woods reminds us not to judge a book by its cover. A nice handbag and pearls will nicely compliment head to toe pink. Perks if you have a matching pink hat for your dog.


3. Wednesday from The Addams Family

This spooky queen isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd and she only smiles when she wants. A white collared shirt underneath a black button up is an essential look for Wednesday. You can wear your hair down, or in two braids to really complete Wednesday’s look. Add some red nail polish and knee-high white socks and you’re good to go.


4. Cookie Lyon from Empire

Cookie dresses head to toe in all things cheetah and bling. She doesn’t’t let anyone walk all over her and provides unconditional love for her family. A cheetah print dress with an oversized faux fur jacket is Cookie’s signature. Add some bling for jewelry and a bold lipstick. Don’t forget to walk into the party like you own it.


5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy turns down life as a normal teenager to protect the world from evil. Despite her physical image, Buffy proves to be a strong, powerful hero who slays vampires in style. For Buffy’s signature look opt for black boots paired with a black tank top and red leather pants. Don’t forget to carry a vampire slaying weapon in case any evil shows up to the party.


Try something new this Halloween with these women who are forces to be reckoned with, each making a statement in their own unique way.


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Evelyn Foster

Mt Holyoke '22

Evelyn is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College double majoring in environmental studies and art history. She loves listening to music, doing art work, hanging out with friends and eating good food.
Mount Holyoke College is a gender-inclusive, historically women's college in South Hadley, MA.