Five College OOTD's Inspired by New York Fashion Week

Ahh, midterm season. You accidentally ate an entire bag of popcorn while studying, your planner has so many notes in it it looks like your kindergarten self portrait, and any and all incentive to look put together has been slowly drained from you. While all of this is happening, so is the most fashionable week of the year in America: New York Fashion Week.  I’m here to tell you not to despair; despite the midterms and mid semester slump, you too can easily adopt this years trends straight off the runway. Get ready to strut into your lecture hall with not only a refreshed wardrobe, but a refreshed confidence. Mid-year slump who? 


The Fashion Week Look: Giant Puffed Sleeves from Louis Vuitton

How You Can Wear It: 

Instead of going full two-foot-across sleeve span, try a simple white blouse with a hint of pouf in the sleeve. Blouse-like shirts are an incredibly stylish and simple way to elevate your jeans and t-shirt look. Eyelet patterns, dainty buttons and a fun neckline are a plus, but any top with some shoulder puff action will instantly elevate your look and put you on your way to NYFW. Look out, Louis. 


Find an affordable puff sleeve top here: 


The Fashion Week Look: The Slouched Cardigan by Miu Miu

How You Can Wear It: 

A cropped, slightly off the shoulder cardigan top is the perfect piece for fall, for its warmth and versatility. A step up from a plain t-shirt, a cardigan top looks great with a skirt (I am very partial to gingham and check patterns, as above, but to each their own). Style this top with high waisted jeans for a more casual look. 

Get a cozy cardigan here: 


The Fashion Week Look: The Oversized Pea Coat by Miu Miu 

How You Can Wear It: 

While a blue peacoat which engulfs most of your body paired with yellow knee high boots is certainly a unique and stylish look, it can easily be made more practical. A pea coat, or any other wool based coat, is perfect for the transition from fall to winter, and choosing a bright shade like robins egg blue is a simple way to bring some color to the upcoming winter months. Plus, a coat like this will keep you warm all the way to your 8:30 AM class in the dead of New England winter. 

A pastel coat to keep you warm all winter long: 


The Fashion Week Look: Bold Graph Checks by Chanel

How You Can Wear It: 

My unhealthy obsession with anything plaid or checkered has probably reached a peak this fall, but the trend was featured on the Chanel runway, so it’s fine, right? A bold, monochromatic graph check like the one above is a refreshing take on the basic plaid, and instantly makes your wardrobe scream fall. Plus, constructing an outfit around this pattern is  breeze, just pair with a solid color top or bottom and you are ready to take the campus by storm. 


Add graph checks to your look with these cigarette pants: 


The Fashion Week Look: The Midi Skirt by Celine 


How You Can Wear It: 


While a wide brim straw hat is not likely going to be comfortable for your weekly study sesh, a midi skirt certainly is. Midi skirts are the perfect comfy-yet-high-fashion piece that have the cozy factor of sweatpants without having to deal with constantly pulling down your skirt (the struggle is real). 

A simple midi skirt: 


Happy haute (or hallway) couture! 

XOXO, Bella 


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