First Year So Far in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gifs

With only a little more than a month left in my first semester of college, I’d like to reflect back on the crazy transition from orientation to first week of classes, midterms, and everything in between. I thought that the best way to express this wasn’t with words, but with very relatable Brooklyn Nine-Nine gifs. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the perfect representation because the characters are often struggling with something in a hilarious way and the whole precinct is like a family—just like what college feels like!


1. When it felt like everyone already had friends the first day


2. Finally making friends and knowing you’re gonna make really great memories together


3. The first week of classes already being so overwhelmed by all the work you have to do


4. All the shifts in the dining hall


5. When you say you’re gonna do something fun on the weekend, but you just go to late night every day to get mozz sticks


6. When you hear those bells at 7 a.m. and know that it’s finally Mountain Day


8. Realizing all the studying and work you have to do for midterms


9. But knowing full well that you can make it through the semester and are capable of getting through everything


The semester so far has definitely had its ups and downs, but reflecting on everything, it has been a lot of fun despite all the work we’ve all had to do. I hope these gifs made you laugh a little bit and you found some of them relatable. If this doesn’t motivate you to work hard for the semester, at least it’ll give you a good reason to rewatch all of Brooklyn Nine-Nine! And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out this article on nine reasons to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


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