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Fine Dining Hall: Breakfast To-Go

In continuation of last month's MHC Fine Dining Hall, this week,we’re making breakfast portable and scrumptious for students on-the-go. The most important meal of the day can now be compacted into a single to-go cup.***The following are listed in order of placing food into the cups (i.e. 1st item goes at the bottom). This is important!***


Savory Cup - chocolate chip scones, toast, scrambled eggs

Remember Willy Wonka’s 3-course dinner gum? Introducing the 2-course breakfast cup! Dig into a comforting, warm layer of scrambled eggs, followed by crunchy, fragrant toast (we recommend 100% wheat). Round-off your savory taste-buds with a mildly sweet and crumbly scone.  Enjoy your breakfast while sitting in a (now captivating) 8:35am lecture.


PBBJ Cup - rice cakes, peanut butter, sliced bananas, grape jelly, grounded flax seeds


Step aside, bagels.  For a daily dosage of carbohydrates, protein, potassium, and fiber, this peanut butter/banana/jelly cup will give you almost all the nutrients you need.  Mix it around or devour it by layer. Whichever way, it will leave you with a satisfying breakfast that will give your morning the boost it needs.


Peach Cup - plain yogurt, peaches, corn flakes


Even though we do not have access to fresh peaches, canned ones are close substitutes (by close, I mean closer than bananas). Pair these peaches with creamy, unsweetened yogurt, toss in a handful of crunchy cornflakes, and you have got a breakfast that will knock you out of bed. ***No need for caffeine here***


Blueberry Cup - blueberry yogurt, slices apples, cooked plain oatmeal, raspberry jam, pumpkin seeds


For a “fruitful” day, get a head start on your morning with a breakfast that will make Dr. Oz proud. Microwave plain oatmeal with soy milk, cow milk, or water until it ominously bubbles up. Then, stir in some crispy Red Delicious apples, tart blueberry yogurt, and saccharine strawberry jam. For the pièce de résistance, top the parfait with gently crunchy pumpkin seeds.


Strawberry Cup - strawberry yogurt, sliced melons, granola, raisins


For our mellow fellows out there, here is our strawberry-melon cup! Grab some diced melons and submerge them in tangy strawberry yogurt, crumbly granola, and chewy raisins. The sweet surprise of raisins will get your blood sugar pumping and have you jumping off the walls in the morning. Here’s to being the chattiest person in the early lecture!


How did we get these amazing shots?

This was a collaborative project that required a couple days to complete!  We really did use the to-go cups from our dining halls with ingredients found in Prospect Dining (many of which are available at standard continental breakfast sans the scrambled eggs).  After brainstorming the ingredient list, we carefully placed them in layers into the to-go cups.  Then they were frozen over-night for several days.  The results are amazing!


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