Fashion Trends (Out of Your Comfort Zone) to Try This Fall

I love testing out the waters with different fashion styles. Fashion is a way for me to express myself creatively and feel confident. Every season, I love looking at the new trends and recreating them on myself! Here are a few of my favorite fashion trends for this fall:

Animal Print

Early 2000s pieces are slowly coming back into style this season; from snakeskin to cheetah to leopard to cow, animal prints are the latest trend! Animal print can be hard to style at times because it is very loud, so I would recommend wearing animal print with something basic like a pair of black jeans or a plain white t-shirt.


Grommet Belts

Grommet belts are another early 2000s trend that has re-appeared on the fashion scene. I love my grommet belt because it sinches my waist and makes it looks snatched! Plus it elevates any basic outfit into something a bit more stylish. I would recommend trying different colored grommet belts. It’s a fun way to incorporate color into your wardrobe without much effort.




Turtlenecks are a great fashion essential. I love wearing my turtlenecks underneath t-shirts or tank tops. I think it gives a nice layered effect to the look. Turtlenecks also look great alone. Colorful striped turtlenecks look great with mom jeans and a ball chain necklace!


Slime Green

Slime green is a color that has come into the forefront of fashion trends this season. Although bright, it’s still a fun color to incorporate into your autumn wardrobe. I think that you can wear bright colors any season, and you don’t have to wait for summer to come around to do so. Color coordinating slime green-colored pants, belts, shoes, tops, or hats into your wardrobe would be a fun look!


Cropped Cardigans

Lastly, cropped cardigans are a fun trend to try out this autumn. I think they are reminiscent of a school girl look, which gives off Unif clothing vibes. You can find lots of colorful cardigans for cheap at thrift stores and crop them yourself, which makes this a very affordable trend!


Trying new things to spice up your wardrobe is a fun way to reinvent yourself for the fall season. If anyone uses any of these fashion tips we would love to see your look by tagging us on Instagram @hcmtholyoke!



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