Fashion Bloggers & Street Style Instagrammers to Follow When you Need OOTD Inspo

Fashion is art that we live our lives in; it gives us the power to walk in the room and say “I am dressed like the person I would like to become.” That is why I live by two mottos: “You can never be underdressed or overeducated” and “Always dress like you’re going somewhere better after.” Being fashion forward in college can be a challenge. There is a constant struggle between wanting to uphold to your style standards while also being cozy and comfortable for your days full of classes. The reality is that us college students do not live in a constant state of vacation where putting together the most Instagrammable outfit is first on the agenda. Despite that, a part of me still constantly aspires to dress like the trendy, undeniably extra, world-traveling, fashion week-attending, boss babe that I hope to become. As a result, I spend way too much time on social media looking for style (and life) inspiration. The following Instagram accounts are my favorite fashion influencers and street style bloggers to stalk when I need a little extra OOTD inspiration. 


Sophie’s aesthetic is light, airy, and all things pink, white, and black. She has a very distinct, feminine style, but her outfits range from feather covered couture to graphic tees and light wash denim shorts. She pairs silk with leather and colorful, vintage Louis Vuitton bags with Dior high top sneakers. Her cafe spreads, accessory close-ups, and scenery shots nicely break up her OOTD pictures. Just glancing at her page makes me want to catch a flight to Paris or Mykonos and dress accordingly.


Claire’s account shows off streetwear, sportswear, and sunny days accompanied by seemingly delicious food from her world travels. This Parisian living in Portland, Oregan frequently styles college student staples like high-waisted mom jeans, crop tops, cozy jackets, and white sneakers. She always seems to capture her colorful OOTDs during golden hour which gives the entire feed a sunny glow. Her outfit shots are broken up with pictures of colorful fruit stands, plates of avocado toast, and beautiful charcuterie boards. Claire’s style is fashion-forward, yet extremely wearable; she is both stylish and practical, as every college fashionista should be. 


In a way, Aimee is the OG social media style influencer. She is a New York Times Bestselling Author, one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30, and was one of the first fashion bloggers to rise to mega-influencer status with over 5 million followers. Her Instagram showcases chic street and resort style and eye-catching photography. Her aesthetic is sometimes feminine and other times masculine, but never fails to have a big-label, glam, jet-setter feel to it. Aimee plays with textures, patterns, and colors and photographs her outfits accordingly - contrast is key. Recently, she was photographed in the supermarket wearing a sequin ball gown, hanging off of a mail truck in leather pants and a white blazer, and shopping for citrus while wearing a dress covered in oranges. Her fearless style and artistic vision makes you consider walking down the street in that monochromatic two-piece set you’ve been dying to wear. Aimee is one of my favorites because her infusion of high fashion into street style along with her ability to capture it effortlessly has made her a pioneer in the Instagram fashion world.

I once read the quote: “Why aren’t there more funny people in fashion?” and it made me curious. Through my extensive Instagram research, I can assure you that there are some hilarious style accounts out there, so to close this article, I’ve listed them below as my honorable mentions. 

@HauteLeMode is an incisive, viral account that pokes fun at the fashion world through memes.

@tommylenk feature hilarious red carpet re-creations, which combine DIY skills and ironic poses that are often oddly similar to couture originals.

@diet_prada AKA the fashion police, makes memes that call out copycat designers.

XOXO, Adele 

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