Fall Fashion Videos You Need to Watch

We may have lost the opportunity to treat each trek across campus as our own runway show, but we can still come up with fire ‘fits for staying at home. The saying “all dressed up with nowhere to go” is the goal right now, and these videos will give you the inspiration to achieve it. 

  1. 1. 10 Sweatshirt Outfit Ideas from Kaiti Yoo

    This video is perfect for finding cozy and chic outfits for attending Zoom University (you could definitely wear this to actual school, but Zoom is our reality for the time being). This particular video features many different styles, so you’re sure to find something for you. 

  2. 2. A Preppy light/dark Academia Lookbook from Kaiti Yoo

    I’m already a big fan of the academia style, so this video is obviously a favorite. I also really like that Kaiti Yoo styles both feminine and androgynous outfits, so people wanting to embody each (or both) vibes are able to get something of value from the lookbook. 

  3. 3. What Different College Majors Would Wear if They Had Proper Sleep & Decent Fashion Sense (Parts One & Two*) from Kaiti Yoo

    I could write a whole article on Kaiti Yoo’s fashion videos at this point, but these videos are my favorites of hers. Not only are the outfits and the vibes immaculate, her wit and sarcasm when describing each look is everything.

    *Part Two

  4. 4. Fall Trends 2020 from Lindy Goodson

    This video is less of a lookbook than it is an overview of some of this year’s fall trends, but Lindy does incorporate outfit and garment suggestions for each trend. She also leaves links for anything mentioned in the video, so you can easily find the items you like. 

  5. 5. Fall Lookbook from Lindy Goodson

    This video is strictly a lookbook, but she formats it as an “outfits of the week.” She goes into so much detail, and again, lists everything she can. Lindy also strikes a good balance between shopping from fast fashion brands and independent businesses and Etsy stores. In addition to supporting and promoting small businesses, she makes a lot of content about thrifting and altering the clothes you already have. Plus, she has an awesome and friendly personality. 

These two girls are awesome, smaller Youtubers that you hopefully haven’t heard of before and deserve more support, especially with the great content they’ve been putting out recently. Their styles are very unique and for the most part do not overlap; basically everyone can find something they like among these six videos. This is not to say that you have to go shopping right now because money continues to be a point of stress for many across this country, but getting dressed up in a nice outfit on a bad day (or even a meh day) can really help boost your mood in these trying times. 


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