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DREAMERS Fly High As They Launch 2 EPs in 3 Months

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mt Holyoke chapter.

DREAMERS are an American rock band from New York comprised of three members: vocalist and guitarist Nick Wold, bassist Marc Nelson, and drummer Jacob Lee Wick. Their first official song was released in 2014 and since then the band has experienced nothing but success. After gaining mainstream popularity over the summer of 2017 with their radio hit “Sweet Disaster” and touring the U.S. with New Politics in the spring of 2018, the band decided to keep their momentum going: in just the last three months, they have majorly expanded their discography, releasing two EPs along with multiple singles. The two EPs pair the combination of grungy electric guitar, prominent drums, and an overall fuzzy, modulated sound with visualizers posted to YouTube create a cohesive psychedelic rock experience that spans all nine songs.

The first EP released in July, titled LAUNCH, contained their latest big hit, “SCREWS.” The song immediately opens to a loud, poppy guitar and drums that make you want to get up and dance. This bright, fun intro is quickly contrasted by the more subdued vocals, before the instruments break to highlight Nick’s voice during the pre-chorus. The chorus is catchy, and it’s impossible to forget the words after just a few listens. About three quarters of the way through the song the guitar solo reminds you that DREAMERS are indeed a rock band, and a talented one at that. And luckily, the EP doesn’t disappoint after the first song. “Fake It Til You Make It,” a fan favorite and the second song to appear on the EP, opens with a simple but memorable bass line, which continues through the verse to allow Nick’s vocals to shine and to help listeners fully grasp the lyrics he sings. Again, Nick sings to muted background music during the pre-chorus to create anticipation for the chorus. The fuzzy guitar brings back the rock sound for the, once again, catchy chorus.

“Black & White” begins with a softer sound than the other two songs, and it carries through the entirety of the song. In this third track on the EP, DREAMERS artfully depicts a difficult relationship through metaphoric lyrics, synth, heavy drums, and an alternative feel that differs from the typical pop rendition. Lastly, my personal favorite closes the EP. “Karma” begins with a typical rock song sound, as drums and feedback pollute the first few seconds before vocals and playful guitar kick in. The chorus is upbeat, meant to be played loud and danced to, a refreshing take on the revenge song. The guitar solo showcases the talented Wick and maintains the classic rock, partying-in-the-pit vibe that is present throughout the whole song. Overall, LAUNCH is a tastefully poppy take on rock music and creatively redefines common themes presented in a majority of popular music.

But that’s not all! DREAMERS proceeded to release FLY on September 7th, a highly anticipated EP containing the popular track “The Last Love Song,” which had been teased live at their spring shows. “The Last Love Song,” coincidentally the first song on the EP, opens with drums and electric guitar before fading to a prominent bass line alongside Nick’s vocals. A song presumably written as closure, the lyrics promote a confident punk-rock attitude in the face of heartbreak. Again, the band uses their rock sound and creative lyricism to give a new outlook on a heavily written about topic, turning the usual whine of young heartache into an empowering anthem. Misfits T-Shirt follows up this first hit, a cheesily specific song about a meet-cute and consequential love story that still demonstrates their pop-rock sound. The drums are especially prominent in this second track. “DEMONS” doesn’t fail to impress either, with an extremely catchy intro of “oohs” and fuzzy electric guitar that turns into clear vocals and a heavy bass line. By far the heaviest and least poppy song on the EP, “DEMONS” is a thoroughly enjoyable dance song.

Second to last on the EP, albeit last of the new songs, is “All Washed Out,” my vote for best song on the FLY EP. It begins with isolated guitar and drums, before the bass and vocals start up alongside them. The chorus bursts into a loud, upbeat rock that is complemented by creative vocal rhythms. The song demands to be heard and danced to, a driven and fast paced song despite its lyrics detailing a failed relationship. The EP concludes with a stripped version of LAUNCH’s single “SCREWS.” A creative second look at the song, still demonstrating each band member’s talents, although it is nowhere near as impactful or impressive as their first take, and my least favorite song of the two EPs.

Overall, DREAMERS effectively creates two pop-infused rock EPs that showcase their lyrical and musical talent. Catchy choruses, intense bass lines, memorable lyrics, and insane guitar riffs intertwine in the masterpieces that are “LAUNCH” and “FLY.” Easy to listen to and appealing to pop, alternative, and rock fans alike, DREAMERS are destined to keep gaining popularity and achieving success. Check them out at @DREAMERSjoinus on Twitter and Instagram, be sure to give their new and old works alike a listen on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music, and catch them on their U.S. headline tour this fall!


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