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Disney Channel Shows You Completely Forgot About

Disney Channel was a staple of my childhood. I still remember when High School Musical first came out. I think back fondly to the commercials where Disney stars would say, “You’re watching Disney Channel!” and then draw Mickey Mouse ears with a sparkling wand. And if you were anything like me, you probably watched the same episodes over and over until even your parents could recite the lines. If you feel like reminiscing with me, here are some shows you loved from your childhood that you might not have thought about in a while.


  1) American Dragon Jake Long (2005 – 2007)

This show follows the story of Jake Long, a teenager with the ability to transform into a dragon and protect humans and mythical creatures alike from dark forces. The titular character was voiced by the amazing Dante Basco, who also voiced Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Here he played a more childlike, fun-loving kid who was learning about being an adult. Responsibility was the main theme of the show, whether it was Jake’s responsibility to his friends and family, to school, or to his role as the American dragon. As the name would suggest, yes, there are other dragons from other countries, though they did not come up till much later. Jake’s friends were supportive and helped him find balance in his life. The cast here had a lot more personality than some of the other Disney Channel shows.


2) Phil of the Future (2004 – 2006)

This show follows the story of a kid named Phil Diffy and his family who live in the year 2121. While on vacation to the past, their time machine breaks down and they are stranded in the present (early 2000s). The show followed the family’s wacky hijinks as they tried to fit in and hide their futuristic technology. The characters are, for the most part, likeable and somewhat distinctive, like the nosy principal who was always trying to prove the Diffys were aliens and the caveman the Diffys accidently brought back from the Ice Age. Phil’s best friend, Keeley, was played by a young Aly Michalka, whom you may recognize from the CW show iZombie. The show was mundane for the most part and never really broke any ground, but it did have some creative ideas for what technology would be like in the future and how it could affect the present. It wasn’t a classic like Back To The Future, but it worked.


3) Kim Possible (2002 – 2007)

This show follows the story of a teenage international crime fighter who balanced saving the world with school life. This was one of Disney Channel’s most popular shows, as evidenced by how long it went on. It was supposed to end after three seasons, but because of its popularity, it was renewed for a fourth season. That should tell you how good it was! Kim was amazing; she was like a hybrid of Superman and Buffy the vampire slayer, only with less angst. It featured a woman who did the fighting and often saved her damsel in distress (aka, her future boyfriend Ron Stoppable). This show has clearly stuck with more people because I still see memes and references to this show. More than once, in completely different locations, I have met someone whose ringtone was the Kim Possible ringtone.


4) That’s So Raven (2003 – 2007)

This show follows the story of a psychic named Raven who gets visions of the future, which she uses to help her fix problems and occasionally for her own benefit. This series was more episodic and character focused. And it was amazing! This show was so popular it ran for four seasons and got two spinoffs, Cory in the House and, in 2017, Raven’s Home. The titular Raven was a boss. The show painted her as a relatable; she was energetic but could be lazy, she was kindhearted but firm, and she cared deeply for her loved ones but sometimes was selfish. Raven-Symoné, the main actress, is pretty cool in real life. She was one of the hosts on The View for a year before leaving to be an executive producer on Raven’s Home. That’s So Raven was funny, lively, and, sometimes, sweet. It has stood the test of time well and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.


There are of course many other shows and original movies that ran on the Disney Channel. Maybe after you finish reading this article, you will Google other shows from your childhood. Enjoy the trip down memory lane.


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