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Campus Celeb: Kaley Ahmann

Name: Kaley Ahmann

Class year: 2012

Hometown: Most recently, Muscatine, IA. I also consider Soda Springs, ID my hometown, and, to a lesser extent, Lake St. Louis, MO and Denver, CO.

Major: Peace and Conflict Studies

Minor: Gender Studies

Why did you choose Mount Holyoke?
My favorite high school teacher had a former student come here, and she encouraged me to apply. I applied, got in, visited, loved it, and four years later, here I am!

How are you involved on campus?
I keep myself pretty busy. Outside of Student Orgs, I work in the Dean of the College’s Office and the President’s Office. I’ve also participated in Intergroup Dialogue, and although I don’t have as much time for it anymore, I strongly encourage everyone to check it out. I have lots of friends from lots of different groups, simply because I like to be really active.

What do you do to participate in the Mount Holyoke community?
I am President of the Senior Class (Go 2012!!), I’m the Personnel Director for Orientation Board, and I’m the Ombudsperson for the Ice Hockey Team. I’m also involved with Project: Theatre, and am a member of the Five College West African Drumming Ensemble. I used to play Rugby too, but I think I’ll only be able to be a social member this semester so I can have time to do basic activities like shower and go to class.  Sleep is one of those activities that I hope to find time for after graduation… :)

What is your favorite part about serving as 2012 Class President?
Well it was such an honor to get elected, so that in itself was kind of wonderful. As President, I get to sit on the Honorary Degree Candidate Committee, so helping choose our 175th Commencement speakers is an exciting responsibility to share. I love the Mount Holyoke community, and I love that I’m in a position to make our class community even stronger, especially looking towards our future as alumnae! I think a goal of the 2012 Class Board as a whole is to create such a strong class community, it won’t really matter who is a part of which friend group, we’ll all know each other and really be able to get along and have fun together. Our class is already pretty close to achieving that, so we won’t have to do much.

What are a few exciting things the E-Board is planning for this year?
Well, Dis-O is coming up, so seniors and firsties should be looking forward to more information on that. We also have Senior Pub Nights in Blanchard, Finals Care Packages, Senior Ball, and fundraising for our Class Gift. And that’s not even mentioning everything we’ll be doing to prepare for Commencement!!

Where are we most likely to find you on a Saturday night?
Hmmm, hanging out with friends, definitely. Whether that’s dancing at the latest Blanch or Chapin party, watching a movie in the Clevelands, off-campus for dinner and drinks, or chilling in my room with everybody, I like being social.

How do you procrastinate best?
That is a dangerous question. Right now I’m procrastinating by answering these questions and Skype-ing with my best friend from home. Other times you’ll find me online on Facebook, Jezebel, TFLN, Tumblr, or the Daily Beast, or I’ll be at the gym, or reading ridiculous romance novels from Gaylord, or eating a “quick” dinner in Blanch for 5 hours… If procrastination was a major, I’d have a doctoral thesis done already.

Who are your role models?
My mom, my friends, Irasema Perrault (Executive Assistant to the President here at MHC), Thao Griffiths (Country Director of VVAF), Kavita Ramdas, Somaly Mam, Carol Cohn, Sara Ruddick, Tina Fey, Ellen Degeneres… Strong, sassy women tend to be those I admire most. Also, my dad and brother, Sohail Hashmi, and John Grayson.

What are your biggest dreams and goals for the future?
World peace. …But actually. I want to be a part of creating a global society where no one, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, ability, religion, aura color, is oppressed, and war isn’t our first thought. Do I think this is possible? Not in my lifetime. But who knows, maybe I’ll rule the world and that will all change. :) My end goal in life, which developed when I was 7, is to be an eccentric, old woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind or do what she wants (I’ve been moving the start date of that timeline up).

Fun fact you are willing to share?
I love to travel by myself –Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Vietnam, the Balkans. I was this close to trying to talk myself into staying in Sarajevo forever. I’m rooming with my first-year roommate for our Senior year, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a wacky sense of humor, and I can blow two vuvuzelas at the same time. I’m an open person, so feel free to come up to me and say hi anytime!

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