Buzzfeed Quizzes for Spooky Season

A lighthearted internet rabbit-hole that we all know and love to fall down is taking Buzzfeed quizzes. Here, I’ve collected a few fun fall- and Halloween-related quizzes for you to enjoy. Try not to get too sucked in!

Pick Your Favorite Doggos And We'll Give You A Fall Activity To Do: Choose your favorite dogs: from puppies, to groups of dogs, to Christmas canines...and this quiz will tell you what fall adventure awaits you! I got pumpkin carving, and I’m so down. Maybe I’ll carve my dog’s face into my jack-o-lantern, so as to be on theme. 

The Fall Things You Choose Will Reveal Which Starbucks Drink You Should Try: This quiz has you select your favorite fall images, sceneries, and foods to ultimately determine the Starbucks drink for you. I got salted caramel hot chocolate, which sounds like a whole lot of flavors in one drink. I’m not necessarily opposed, so we’ll see if I’m into it after all. 

What Type Of Witch Are You?: Imagine up your magic name, your element, your power, your familiar and more in this quiz! In the end, you’ll be some kind of witch! I’m apparently a light witch, using my powers for positivity. Sounds about right, to be honest. 

Make A Witch And We’ll Give You An Animal As Your Sidekick: Find your familiar! All you have to do is build your dream witch identity, and this quiz will assign you an animal companion. I got a black cat! I’m usually a dog person (cats and I don’t always have the same energy), however, I’m assuming if this cat’s my familiar we’d have to be cool? I hope it would like me...

Ever Wonder Which Monster You Are? Create A Scary Movie To Find Out: In this quiz, dream up your ideal scary movie! If you’ve ever wondered what monster you’d be, now’s your chance to find out! I’m a vampire. Not sure how I feel about it, might have a small identity crisis later. But if I had to be a vampire, I want to be Taika Waititi in What We Do In The Shadows, please.

This was a really fun article to write, so I hope you enjoy taking these quizzes as much as I did! Happy spooky season!


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