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Blanch Hacks

All Moho students will spend a good portion of their college lives at Blanch. Whether it’s because you couldn’t make it to a dining hall on time or you just made it in time for a dining hall, but would only get five minutes to eat, most of us inevitably end up in Blanch. To help you for your next visit, here are some blanch hacks to make your life easier.


1) Order from the Deli

Most people at Blanch order food from the Grill. So, if you come to Blanch and are in a rush or just don’t want to wait, you can order from the Deli. The sandwiches take less time to make which means that the lines there move faster. Or try the quesadillas! Also, keep in mind that the vegetarian options are less expensive, which means you can use the extra dining dollars to stock up on more snacks – the bagel with cream cheese is only $1.60! I recommend the honey monkey sandwich and the black bean and salsa quesadilla, which are my go-to orders.


2) Try the Du Jour Items

We all like Blanch’s comfort food, but if you’re looking for a healthier option, try the grain du jour or veggie du jour. You can find these options on the Grill menu. The items change each day, but, in a nutshell, the veggie du jour is some kind of seasoned vegetable, like butternut squash, and the grain du jour is a rice dish, like pilaf. I normally get the two together as a meal. You can find out what a given day’s du jour items are from the sign displayed on the Grill’s counter, located to the right of the order slips. They take less than five minutes to prepare, no matter how busy Blanch is, and they are only $1 each.


3) Eat the Today’s Special Whenever Possible

Students tend to find one item that they like and order it again and again. Don’t fall into this trap. It is easy to get tired of the same food and it’s better for your body to get a variety of nutrients. The today’s special is a good remedy for this because they serve you something different every weekday. They always have a vegetarian option as well if you prefer that. Remember, no matter how much you liked something the first time, you’ll likely wind up hating it the hundredth time.


4) Choose Peanuts

Blanch has tons of peanuts: salted, honey roasted, shelled. But I almost never see people take them. They are a great snack! Peanuts and other nuts are packed with protein, so they’ll fill you up. You won’t need to eat a whole meal again an hour after your last one. They’re also good for helping to keep you going while you wait because you want to eat with friends in an hour but are hungry. Peanuts can curb your hunger pangs so that you can wait to enjoy your meal with friends.  


5) Free Chef Jeff Cookies

You can get free Chef Jeff cookies at Blanch. This is a hack I learned from the MHC newspaper. On Friday nights, Uncommon Grounds closes for the weekend. All the leftover Chef Jeff cookies are given out at Blanch. But you need to be quick. Those cookies go fast! That’s probably why most students don’t know about this. But if you get there at just the right time, and speed through your order, free Chef Jeff cookies could be yours.


Hope you enjoy trying out these hacks. If you have any more ideas for Blanch hacks, leave a comment below and share your knowledge!

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