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Ashley Kareken

    • Name: Ashley Lauren Kareken 

      Class Year: 2015

      Hometown: Wausau, Wisconsin

      Major: Economics with possibly a Math minor

      Relationship status: Recently taken

      Your favorite article of clothing: Tops, preferably cozy sweaters. 

      Three things you can’t leave your room without: One card, cell, coat

      What would be your perfect date? My ideal date would be a formal dinner at an Italian restaurant with ice cream to follow. We’d walk around the city afterwards, holding hands, stopping every once in a while to kiss.

      Where do you see yourself in ten years? I’ll be 29 so hopefully I’ll have my MBA and be working in an international corporation. In my spare time, I’ll be traveling the world.

      Why Mount Holyoke? I am very interested in other languages and cultures so I was drawn to this diverse community. 

      What’s your wardrobe going to look like this spring? 

       I haven’t really thought about it but hopefully some pastel colors.

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