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One thing I really like about TikTok is all the music that is becoming popular because of it. From dance challenges to random trends, whether it's because of a remix or the original, I love how these lesser-known artists are gaining more listeners. Obviously, the influence of TikTok is huge and many artists have gained a lot from it. I mean, the song “Say So” by Doja Cat is just one example of how this platform can thrust an artist into the mainstream. Here I’ve listed some artists who have had one song blow up on TikTok who also have a great discography. 


Mother Mother

This group is probably the one who blew up the biggest, with two of their songs, “Hayloft” and “Burning Pile,” being all over TikTok. Both songs come from their second album, so if you like these songs I definitely recommend checking out the album. And if you like the vibe of these songs, as they have some unique changes in sound, I suggest you check out the rest of their music as well. 



I love Aurora’s vocals, they’re so ethereal and atmospheric, and her song “Runaway”  perfectly encaptures that. This song is from her debut album, of which all the songs are so beautiful. If you ever just want to let music surround you, play this album.


Ryn Weaver 

Ryn Weaver has a very unique sound, the best I can describe it as is somewhere between pop and folk, yet she’s not folk-pop. I’m so glad “Pierre” blew up because it’s one of my favorite songs of hers. 


Yot Club 

This is another artist whose music I'd define as atmospheric. It is technically defined as bedroom pop, but it also has a lo-fi sound to it. Those two genres aren't something I’d usually listen to but something about it really pulls me in, and with the song that became a trend, “YKWIM?,” it’s easy to hear why. 


Oh Wonder 

Of all the artists on this list, I’ve been listening to Oh Wonder the longest, and I was so happy when a remix of “Lose It” blew up in 2019. Their music is so underrated; if you liked this song I hope you check more out from them.


I hope TikTok continues to shed light on lesser-known artists in the future. Happy listening! 


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Michaela Phelan

Mt Holyoke '22

I am an International Relations major who just really likes to read, listen to music, and watch tv.
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