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Abby Wise

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY

Major: Politics

Favorite Spot to Study? “When it’s warm, I like to go any place outside. But in cold weather, the library mezzanine is a great place to go!”

What do you do on the weekend? “During the day, it’s fun to head to wonderful Amherst or Northampton for lunch or coffee. After dark, parties or a relaxing movie night complete a good weekend.”

Any advice for First Years? “Try a little bit of everything! That’s the beauty of the liberal arts. You may find a class/subject that you never knew you’d love if you branch out a little bit.”

If you could add any course to the MHC requirements what would it be? “I would add Latin or a Classics course of some sort. So much of our society is based off of what the Greeks and Romans were doing centuries ago. Even though it is not very popular, you’d be surprised by how much of our scientific discoveries, art, and language traces back to the Greco-Roman world.”

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