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Alternatively titled ‘7 Songs With Immaculate Vibes’, these songs are all ones to put on when you want to let the music wash over you. This mood isn’t happy or sad, but sort of the in-between where you are just existing. It’s the type of song to play while laying on the floor for no reason, but you don’t want to be in silence. Recently I have been listening to a lot of this type of music, where I’m just vibing, head empty. Here are my 7 favorite songs to space out to.

“Andromeda” by Weyes Blood

This is the perfect head empty song. As the title suggests, it has a lot of space references in the lyrics as well as in the instrumentals themselves. This song explores a lot of ideas of mythology, love, technology, and modern society and is very reflective. I think these qualities make it great to listen to while laying outside under the night sky (when it’s warm enough).

“Make Me Happy” by Whee In

This song is about love, and yet Whee In’s voice is so elegant and floats really nicely with all of the instruments in the song. The two really complement each other and make me want to both just listen and bop along to it. It’s a good song to listen to in the sunshine with nothing else bothering you. 

“Surefire” by Wilderado 

This song also has a sunny vibe and is about being present in time to not miss life around you. I feel that because the song is more slow-paced, it really allows you to listen to the song and let it just surround you. This song, along with all of the suggested songs, creates a vivid atmosphere where it’s best to just immerse yourself in it. 

“Montezuma” by Fleet Foxes 

This song is about looking back and reminiscing about younger years. It has almost a solemn vibe, but it is still not a sad song. This balance between sad and not-sad really lets the listener create their own interpretation of the song. The involvement of the listener allows you to really focus on the song and picture what will happen or what already happened. 

“Pure Love” by Mother Mother

The vocals in this song really make it what it is. They sound almost like a whisper, and there are backing vocals that only add more to the whisper vibe, creating a sound of longing. The song itself is fairly simplistic and the instrumentals fade in and out to really emphasize the vocals. This song is great for when you want to just stare off into the distance and forget about your surroundings. 

“Sometimes” by Goth Babe 

This song is about wanting to know what your significant other is thinking and feeling. However, this song still has a sunny/beachy feel to it while being a little melancholic. This balance of sadness and beachy make it a great one to listen to while laying out under the warm sun.

“Shrike” by Hozier

This song is just soft in the execution, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, it hits hard. The focus of this song is definitely Hozier’s voice which fits perfectly to the reminiscing of what’s lost, yet is almost hopeful for the future vibe that the song sets up. This is a great song to just sit and close your eyes to.

If you’re ever feeling like you just need some time to do nothing, but don’t want it to be quiet I recommend any of these songs. Happy listening!

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