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7 Food Items For Your Dorm Room That Are Absolutely Essential

Even after only being in college for about 8 weeks, my routine could not seem any more hectic. A typical week basically comprises of an amalgamation of midterms, assignments, classes, deadlines…and even more deadlines. Considering most dining halls shut obscenely early, by the time you actually have the time or energy to get up from your desk (or out of your bed), they’re probably already shut. And honestly, how long can you survive on Blanchard pizza?

Last week, my roommate and I stocked up on our favorite foods and it has been exceptionally useful. If you’re struggling with a similarly swamped schedule, or if you’re just too lazy to walk all the way to a dining hall, here are 7 essential and extremely convenient food items you should always  have in your room:

1. Microwaveable noodles  

Microwavable noodles are a must, and not the bland cup noodles kind. I got 3 different types, but I am one hundred percent biased to Annie Chun’s Japanese-Style Udon Soup Bowl. They take about 3-4 minutes to make and taste much better than I’d expect any packaged food to taste.


2. Microwaveable Pasta

Barilla’s Italian Style Entrées are my personal favorite in just about any flavor. All you need is water and a microwave and you’re ready for a meal, which by the way is delicious.


3. Microwaveable Mac & Cheese

Although not as flavorful as other things you could eat, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is definitely a college staple and is should be your standard 3.5 minute microwave cooked meal.


4. Snacks


Snacking between meals is inevitable, so when you’re feeling too sluggish or exhausted, it’s probably a good idea to keep some chips, candy and/or chocolate, cookies, or popcorn handy. My go-to snack always involves keeping some salsa and cheese dip accessible along with a pack of tortilla chips.  


5. Breakfast

For days when you have 8:35am classes, instead of skipping the meal altogether, keep some milk, and you’re bound to find something to have with it. Whether its cereal, coffee, or just a chocolate powder. And in case you’re not a milk person, you could probably go for granola bars or a box of Oreos, too.  


6. Hot Sauce and Seasonings

If you’re like me, and have a preference for spicy food, keeping a bottle of Sriracha or Tabasco is something you can’t even go wrong with. If spicy food isn’t for you, and you eat in your room a lot, you could keep seasonings for whenever you find your packaged food too bland.  


7. DrinksKeeping iced tea or lemonade powder in your room is the best suggestion I’ve ever gotten, because it doesn’t use up any fridge space and doesn’t go bad as quick as an already prepared drink would. Plus, it tastes amazing!

I hope you’ve gotten some insight on what to buy for those days when you just can’t get yourself out of your room. I bought most of the food from Amazon, but there are plenty other possibilities of delicious food you can buy and places you can buy them from, so get going!


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