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5 Mixed Drinks You Should Know About

1.  The Longevity at Buddakan

This swanky Asian eatery is a favorite of Pharrell, Blake Lively and Drake.  Don’t be fooled by this tacky, pixelated interior pic- their $16, lychee-infused Longevity (mishmash of lychee puree, your choice of vodka and crushed ice) outweighs 16 PBRs for the same price.  Go early and they (probably) won’t card. 

2.  Frozen Grapefruit at Le Bain

Situated on the Standard Hotel’s eighteenth floor, this trendy hotspot draws the trendiest of NY trendsetters.  Expect the bottles and models crowd (aka Drake groupies.)  

Hit up the rooftop deck in June for some crepes and grab a drink.  Everyone loves a satisfying Frozen Grapefruit- a cocktail of grape juice on the rocks with some Grey Goose thrown in.

3.  Eva Sakura at Nobu


A blend of cherry, sake, whiskey and peach, this heavenly Japanese drink will leave you feeling happy, glamorous and cultured.  You already know Nobu- I don’t have to explain, right?

4.   Nashi Blossom at Morimoto

Do you enjoy happiness?  Heaven?  Pears?  Thank me later for the Nashi Blossom- a mashup of ginger, pear and vodkaaaaa #whitegirlwasted jk.  Don’t get sloppy at a place like Morimoto, guys.

5.  Mint Lemonade at Mondrian

Ask the bartender to spike their (ORGASMIC) mint lemonade with two shots of Belvedere.







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