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4 Throwback Dramas You Must Watch

Finals week is fast approaching and we here at Her Campus Mt. Holyoke don’t know of a better way of procrastinating than watching a bunch of the best 2000’s and early 2010’s dramas. Although if you do have other, more productive ideas for the coming week, you could just use this list as your go-to binge list for the four month long summer break soon to come. Here are 6 of my favorite throwback dramas for you to watch:


1. One Tree HillThis CW drama is a sensational and relatable show. It revolves around the lives of two half brothers, Lucas and Nathan. Their father, Dan, is not the ideal father, and left Lucas’ mother, Karen, when she was pregnant with Lucas in their senior year of high school, leaving Dan’s brother as the only present father-figure in Lucas’ life. Their lives begin to get increasingly competitive and interconnected over basketball, and as Nathan begins to interact with Lucas’ best friend Haley, and Lucas with Nathan’s girlfriend, Peyton, and her best friend Brooke. The show incorporates typical high school drama ranging from relationships, friendships, and popularity, even to familial relations.


2. The Lying GameThe Lying Game revolves around a set of twins, Emma and Sutton. Although Sutton was born into the Mercer family, but Emma was adopted. The drama involves uncovering secrets and lies about their true parentage, as the twins exchange their places and lives. The show develops with controversial friendships and relationships between the Mercer family and the people in the social circles of the twins.


3. 90210The infamous Beverly Hills zip code needs no explanation. The show, based off of Beverly Hills 90210, involves the lives of several wealthy students in West Beverly High School, following the lives of a close friend group, including Annie and Dixon Wilson (adopted siblings), Naomi Clark, Navid Shirazi, Erin Silver, Liam Court, and Adrianna Tate-Duncan. The show follows their relationships and the drama that goes on in their lives in addition to that within and between their families. The show has so many unexpected twists and is a must watch!


4. Gossip Girl Much like 90210, Gossip Girl follows the lives of several rich Upper East Side residents, namely Serena, Blair, Nate, and Chuck, born into elite families. Their life is contrasted to that of “Lonely Boy”, Dan Humphrey, from Brooklyn, who’s in their private high school through a scholarship, a contrast to the others who were born into massive trust funds and reserved spots in different Ivy League colleges. The story revolves around Gossip Girl, an online platform, through which all secrets of the characters’ lives are exposed online through tips sent in, causing never ending drama and entertainment for the characters and the viewer.

Make sure to check out some of these great throwback drama shows and let us know in the comments what you think of them. However, if you’ve already watched them, there’s no harm in watching them again since they’re so good- so binge away!


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