The 3 Best Fall Fabrics

I thought I’d write a bit about my favorite three fabrics to wear in autumn to hopefully inspire you to broaden the range of fibers in your wardrobe! These materials are lightweight enough for mild fall temperatures, yet the perfect cozy layers for this brisk season! You can shop (I’ll hook you up with some links) or you can thrift (<3 the Earth) these fabrics and enjoy!



Denim is one of my all-time favorite materials to wear. It’s thick and weighted, yet smooth and the perfect feel for warm or cold days. You can often catch me rocking a Canadian tuxedo on campus; I’m a big fan of some jeans and a big denim jacket. I also really adore a denim dress or pinafore, which looks super cute over some tights with a long sleeved shirt underneath. 


This Levi’s Original Trucker Jacket is a great denim piece. I wear my Dad’s old denim jacket, and definitely prefer the size up for a more oversized look. This way, my denim jacket becomes the ultimate layering tool on really crisp fall days. As large as it is, I can layer a sweatshirt or sweater underneath and keep perfectly warm— still a popping outfit! We don’t have to let our outfits be marred by a winter jacket just yet. 



I absolutely love corduroy. Corduroy pants, skirts, jackets, shirts, bags, even shoes! Corduroy has come back in recent years in a big way, and I’m all for it. Corduroy has a pattern of “cords” or “wales”. These cords run parallel to each other in rows, vertically. Corduroy can range from pin wale to wide wale, wale being the number of rows per inch. This determines the texture of the corduroy as pin wale is thinner and smoother and wide wale is thicker and fluffier to the touch. 


My favorite corduroy garment that I own currently is my Comfort Corduroy Big Shirt from LL Bean. I wear it both over a tank or t-shirt as a light fall layer, or under sweaters on a cold fall day. While it looks to be sold out right now, keep an eye out for when it comes back in stock or go hunting and thrifting for one of your own!



Flannel is a classic fall fabric and an iconic clothing staple for everyone to wear. It’s a soft-woven fabric, a fluffier form of a cotton textile. For me, I’m all about flannel shirts, skirts, dresses, and pajama pants. Now, I don’t own one currently, but I’m definitely interested in acquiring a flannel skirt. I used to have one as a kid, but now the style is really coming back. I like the longer, old fashioned look a lot. My roommate has several long skirts that she thrifted, so I think I’ll try to find something second hand! I also dig the shorter “school uniform” type of cut. This Brandy Melville Emerson Skirt is a great example of flannel potential. 


I hope this article got you thinking about ways to explore new fall fabrics! When it comes to the season of layers and comfort, there are endless possibilities. 


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