12 New(ish) K-Pop Songs I'm Loving Right Now

While the world as a whole may be in disarray, the world of K-pop is thriving. All last year and this year, groups and soloists have come out with major bops that I haven’t stopped listening to. I’ve recently been sucked back into the world that is K-pop and I’m not complaining. This list is compiled of songs released since May of 2020 (excluding ones I’ve already talked about in previous articles) that I’m currently loving. 

Disclaimer: I decided to only choose songs with music videos and one song per group, or else this list would be way too long. 


“No diggity” by ONEUS

I had to put this group at the top of this list because they are quickly becoming one of my favorite K-pop groups! All of their releases last year are amazing, but “No diggity” is their latest release from January. It’s the title track (lead single) from their first full-length album titled DEVIL. Everything from the vocals to visuals to the choreography is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend checking out more from this group, you won’t be disappointed. 


“God’s Menu” by Stray Kids

I’ve always known that Stray Kids are popular for a reason, but it wasn’t until this song came out that they really made me pay attention and now I’m a huge fan of them. Their music isn’t the type I typically gravitate towards, but there’s something that just keeps pulling me back to them. I feel like I’m going to be repeating myself a lot here, but the raps, visuals, and choreography are all amazing here. Also, if you haven’t heard Felix say “Cooking like a chef I’m a five-star Michelin” then you can’t call yourself a true K-pop fan, sorry not sorry. If you somehow haven’t heard it go to 1:19 in the video.


“Zombie” by Day6

Day6 is always serving bops, and they don’t disappoint with this one. “Zombie'' is actually a sad song, but it’s so catchy that you sometimes forget that it’s so sad. The first time I really stopped to listen to the lyrics I almost cried. I also have to mention that there’s an English version of the song that is just as great as the original Korean version. This song is so applicable to everything you could be going through, so if you’re ever having a rough day and need someone to empathize with, listen to this song. 


“One (Monster & Infinity)” by Super M

When I first heard that Super M was going to have a song that was a mash-up of two of their other songs, I was skeptical about how it’d turn out. However, I really like this song. It’s really fun and mixes the best parts of both of the songs to get an even better one (in my opinion). After I heard this song for the first time I couldn’t stop singing the chorus, and all I wanted to do was watch the music video on repeat. 



I fell in love with this song and group the moment I heard the opening line. The vocals in this song are amazing, which are exemplified in the opening “I’m in love” line. It literally made me stop what I was doing and just pay attention to the song. It’s such an addicting song, there was a day where it was literally the only song I listened to. I always want to sing and dance along to this song, even though I have no skills in either respect. 


“Burn It” by Golden Child

After watching a survival show in which Golden Child was eliminated way too early in my opinion, I had to look them up. They had such great ideas for every challenge they were in and I loved watching their stages in the show. This latest title track release is done so well. It’s such an earworm but in the best way possible. It really shows their strengths as a group, and just like me, you won’t be able to stop singing along to it. I also have to add that this music video is great, and really tells a story along with the song. I also want to mention their 2020 release, “ONE (Lucid Dream)”, is another bop that you should also check out. 


“Given-Taken” by ENHYPEN 

I can’t believe that this is a debut song. They really hit the ground running with this song and music video. After watching the show, I-LAND, that created this group, I was even more in love with them and this song. The vocals and choreography are so dance-worthy and really show their potential to become even bigger and better than they already are.


“Mmmh” by Kai 

This solo debut is so good. I’m a casual listener of EXO and Super M, and Kai already shines in those groups, but here he really brings it to another level. Obviously, the dancing is amazing, it's so smooth and mesmerizing. I wish I could dance like him. Not to mention the velvety smooth vocals that Kai pulls off so well here. Again, this song isn’t something I’d usually gravitate towards, but something about it is so… well, mesmerizing. 


“Criminal” by TAEMIN 

I can’t mention smooth vocals and not mention TAEMIN. Right from the start this song hits you with his smooth vocals you can’t help but just listen. Again, the dancing here is phenomenal and even sparked other idols to make their own dance cover for the song. This whole song and music video is a work of art, and I know I won’t stop playing this song for a long time. 



This is another debut that I can’t stop listening to. It’s so catchy and there are so many great parts to sing along to that it’s hard to stop yourself from doing just that. I’ve even found myself randomly starting to sing the chorus of the song when I’m zoning out. I personally love that they aren’t doing the typical girl crush concept that’s popular among most girl groups right now. Not only does the concept seem fresh right now, but the deep vocals of some of the members make it even more unique. I can’t wait to see more from STAYC.



The first time I heard this song, I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about. But I gave it another listen and my mind completely changed. The retro 80’s concept and sound fits Gfriend really well and I’m so glad they hopped on this trend. Also, the visuals in this music video are on point; the stylist really outdid themselves this time. The outfits that the girls wear look really nice and fresh while still maintaining that retro vibe. 



This song is everything. It made me really pay attention to EVERGLOW. I liked their music before, but now I can’t wait for more. Another retro vibe song, but it hits differently than others and really stands out. The song is so powerful, I feel like I can accomplish anything while listening to it. The chorus is so catchy and you can’t help but sing and clap along. Also, the “EVERGLOW forever let’s go” (at time 1:02 in the video) is iconic and I have to say it along with Yiren. 


I think it goes without saying that I love all of these songs. From the visuals to the vocals and the raps to the choreography, there is nothing lacking in any of these songs. I hope you check them out if you haven’t already. Happy listening!


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