10 K-Pop Songs That Are Catchy In The Best Ways

One of the most infuriating things my brain does is play an annoying song on repeat, constantly repeating the tune and making me go mad. There are few songs that I’m actually happy about when they get stuck in my head, and most of them are K-pop songs. I don’t mind these catchy songs because even though they can get stuck in my head, I’ll never get tired of hearing them. All of these songs just make me want to get up and sing and dance along with them. I definitely recommend giving these songs a listen when you want something to jam out to. 


“After School” by Weeekly 

This song just came out and I already know I won’t stop playing it for the rest of the year. It has such an upbeat and bright sound, but at the same time it’s so original for a more sugary pop song. I’m a sucker for bubblegum K-pop, and this really hit my sweet spot. 


“Love So Sweet” by Cherry Bullet 

As suggested by the title, this is another bright song; however, this one has a completely different vibe. It has a deeper sound and the empty post-chorus really adds another dimension to the song. When listening to this, it feels short, but it’s just over three minutes long, which makes me want to put it on repeat.


“Say My Name” by ATEEZ 

This is such a sing-out-loud and dance-worthy song.There are so many lines in this song that get stuck in my head, mostly it’s the chorus, but there's also this one part at the beginning where they say “ATEEZ present” and the rap parts by Hongjoon that always get stuck in my head. 


“Banana allergy monkey” by OH MY GIRL BANHANA 

This choice is definitely unpopular, but I love this song. It’s catchy, cute, and silly, and bubblegum pop in the best ways. It doesn't take itself too seriously, yet the vocals and dance are also great and easy enough to follow along if you wanted. 


“Everybody” by SHINee

The chorus to this song is so good I sometimes catch myself singing it, and I just belt it out whenever that happens. The beat and lyrics are so catchy you literally can’t sit still when listening to it. This song came out in 2013 and it’s only gotten better with time. 



The whole swag vibe of this song is infectious, and by incorporating traditional Korean instruments and sounds it creates a more unique sound that other groups aren’t really doing. Even though there aren’t any English lyrics in this song, I still want to sing along. 



 Honestly, all of TWICE’s title tracks could be on this list, but I chose this one because it’s the one that gets stuck in my head the most. The whole song is so catchy, not just the chorus, and the dance is also catchy. 


“I Am You” by Stray Kids

Again, the chorus here is so catchy. Also, the last two verses are great to sing along to. This song is a little hard to describe as to why it’s so catchy, it’s just an earworm that you can’t help but love. 


“Bump Bump” by Woodz 

This song has a fresh sound yet a nostalgic vibe and I think that’s what makes this song so unique, which is why I’m never tired of hearing it. This is such a great song to just bop your head to or to blast in the car. 


“BBoom BBoom” by MOMOLAND

I couldn’t not include this song. Whether they love it or hate it, every K-pop fan knows this song. It is so catchy and has a simple enough dance that makes it even more addicting to listen/dance to. 


There are a bunch of other songs that I would like to put on this list, but I didn’t want to make it too long. I hope you find some new bops, happy listening!


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