Why Clear Bags Can Be Used For More Than Just Gameday

With the kickoff of college football season, girls across the country will be flaunting a very important accessory: a clear purse. Stadiums adapting to the new rule of clear purses only, boutiques and online retailers have stocked up on the transparent bags with the intent of their consumer. 


Not only can the purse be used in a game day setting. With the different styles, you may see girls styling these year-round, with some inspo ideas are listed below. 


  1. The Fanny Pack

You may find yourself wearing this clear style to run errands, or at an upcoming music festival this Fall. Very cute yet simple, and very affordable!

(Source: Forever21)


  1. The Crossbody

The most popular style, you may wear this out and about to dinner or to a girls night out. Could be styled with a cute dress or a sweater and jeans!



(Source: Urban Outfitters)


  1. The Backpack

Similar to the fanny pack, with more music festival intent in mind, this backpack from Amazon can hold more than the average fanny pack which could be used when going to the grocery store or running errands. 



(Source: Amazon)


If you’re feeling doubtful that your clear purse will be put away on the shelf after football season ends, do not fret. The fashionable clear purse I predict will stick around for a long while to come.