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Happy New Semester, Everyone! What better way to get over a hangover than to sweat it out? The nasty riffs and strong vocals in Summer Hangover are here to get you amped up for this new semester and by the end of it, I have no doubt that you will feel ready to conquer the world.


Highly Suspect’s Canals, off their 2019 album MCID, opens this playlist with a slap in the face consistent riff and bold lyrics. The band specifically references the Russian feminist protest group, Pussy Riot, a group that has had many encounters with law enforcement around the world. Towards the end of the song, the lyrics transition from English to Swahili repeating the lines, “Basi aende” and “Nakupenda wewe” which translates to “Let him go” and “I love you”. The song is an emotional cry pertaining to world problems and internal struggles of the lead singer, all described in lyrics sung in a powerful and husky tone.


Rival Sons’ Do Your Worst, opens with the sexiest rasp I have heard in years. The songʻs 30-second opening guitar solo sets the mood that is perfectly carried throughout with the addition of precise lyrics and mid-toned drums. Every element of this song is just an introduction to what Rival Sons is capable of.


Rage Against the Machine is not only timeless but also a core rap-rock innovator of the 1990ʻs. These rap-rock elements can also be heard in Dinosaur Pile-Up’s Back Foot earlier in the playlist. The song’s opening percussion is certainly a perfect and all too familiar sound to the average State student: the cowbell. Killing in the Name may be sparse in lyrics but the instrumentals more than makeup for it. Killing in the Name was written in 1991 after the LA riots earlier that year. The song was the group’s first single as well as the lead single of the self-titled debut album released in 1992.


GRLwood’s hit track off of their 2018 debut album, Daddy, holds no punches and revels in the rising popularity of obscure noise-rock hit. I’m Yer Dad is 2 minutes and 44 seconds of rage and drums making fun of traditionally male vices such as sports, man caves, and sports cars. The repetition of the opening guitar notes is a subtle yet effect strike of reality bringing the listener back from the high of the passionate release of Forrester’s screaming.


Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1nCPpjREb6aoB4JcFLo0Ea?si=h72N22YoR-GobJxvq5_iMQ

Her Campus Mississippi State Spotify Profile: https://open.spotify.com/user/315h3rv5itr9ohsxw7t5737f7?si=4xMiny2mRz6kduBSgYggcQ


~Reagan Thornley

Hi, my name is Reagan Thornley! :) I am currently a Business Administration student at Mississippi State with a completed minor in Political Science. Outside of Her Campus, I write for Juiced! Zine (https://juiceourmagazine.wixsite.com/mysite) and Crates Music Blog. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with upcoming music events, artist/band suggestions, and travel tips and suggestions(especially food)! P.S. Donʻt forget to follow my adventures on my Instagram @lady_gk_
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