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I love the Halloweentown movies. I have watched them every year, but I wanted to rank them this year! So, the last week I have been watching them (again) and giving my thoughts and rankings! Use this list to watch them from best to “wait, where is the real Marnie?!” 


Halloweentown High 

Rank: 1/4 

Thoughts: I really tried to not have a bias, but I knew this was #1 from the start. All the characters, the production, and the detail really make this a solid movie. This is my favorite plot- and Marnie shines here! You can really tell they took their time and wanted the fans to love it. 



Rank: 2/4 

Thoughts: This is the OG Halloweentown, but the creation of the actual movie is what gives it a 2. I absolutely love this movie! From Marnie just finding out about her powers to defeating Kalabar, Halloweentown will give you a sweet fall memory. I did think it ended more quickly than I wanted, but still a high ranking here. 


Halloweentown 2: Kalabar’s Revenge 

Rank: 3/4 

Thoughts: Kalabar’s Revenge was a little odd for me, so it gets the number 3. Although it was filled with action, it confused me on the plot at times. Marnie comes in clutch and really tries to harness her powers here. The production definitely improved here. 


Return to Halloweentown 

Rank: 4/4 

Thoughts: THEY REPLACED MARNIE SO THIS FALLS LAST. Yes, the plot is good, I will admit. I just cannot believe they replaced her for the final movie. If they didn’t, this movie might have made it to 2 or 3; tragic! I would still watch it again for all the exciting Halloweentown elements.  


~Sidney Burden 

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