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Marching Band in a Pandemic

       How are you supposed to do the marching band during a viral pandemic? There is no clear answer to this question but right now bands who have not shut down are working hard all across the country, doing the best they can to accommodate and stay safe during this outbreak. I have noticed in my short time in the Famous Maroon Band that many people who do not know, are curious about what a socially distanced band looks like and how they can follow COVID-19 policy.

       COVID-19 policy at Mississippi State University dictates that students must wear masks while on campus and that whenever possible, social distancing be maintained. For a band like ours-which is about 400 members-social distancing is impossible to maintain at our full capacity, but our amazing band directors and campus leaders have found safe solutions to allow music to flow like always. The Famous Maroon Band is currently maintaining social distancing by splitting our band rehearsals in half and holding those larger band rehearsals totally outside. Half of our band practices Mondays and Wednesdays, and half practices Tuesdays and Thursdays. This combined with a requirement to wear masks whenever we are not playing our instruments makes it so that we can keep our members safe and healthy.

Other creative ways the band is being safe with the COVID-19 outbreak include:

Touchless water refilling stations

Arrangements for instrument storage that reduce the number of people who need to be inside the building.

One way entrances and exits to keep people spaced out while in the building.

Filming our performances so that we can still march and follow COVID-19 policy

Breaking the band down into four groups that will play in the stands for home football games.

Overall, our university has been incredibly helpful and accommodating to make it so that we can continuing doing what we love, safely. Keep up the good work social distancing, masking, and washing your hands!

While youʻre at it, check out the band’s social media!

Insta: @maroonband

Facebook: Famous Maroon Band


Hail State!

~Jordan Moore

Jordan Moore

C of C '22

Jordan is a freshman at the College of Charleston. In her free time, she loves taking pictures of flowers, watching the sunset (or sunrise if she does not hit the snooze button), and drinking hot tea out of one of her many colorful mugs.
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