Discovering and Expressing Yourself Through Fashion


Discovering and Expressing Yourself Through Fashion


Clothes are a daily part of our routine and in college, it can be easy to not put effort into your outfit but how does that affect others perception of you? 

It is time to pull yourself out of the rut of oversized t-shirts and leggings. Let the clothes you wear be a reflection of who you are (or want to become). College is a time to learn more about yourself through experimentation with different styles. This could mean adding more colors or patterns into your wardrobe. Now is the time to try!

What you put on should make you feel good and confident in your body, putting more thought into what you wear will reward you with that confidence. This earned confidence enables us to unlock higher creative levels of self, as well as aiding an individual when forming their own unique style.


Here are the five questions you should ask yourself while creating an outfit or revamping your wardrobe:

1.) How does this color/pattern compliment my skin tone?

2.) How does this accent my figure?

3.) Can I wear this piece multiple times and with different outfits?

4.) Is this a quality material and does it look like it?

5.) Does this piece fit or further the overall vibe I am looking for? 


Always, REMEMBER TO BE OPEN MINDED! You don’t know what looks good on you until you try.


“I’m living me but if I can empower someone else with what I’m wearing, Iʻve made my day.”—Jackson Clifton


~Reagan Thornley and Jackson Clifton