Stacey Angellillo

Stacey Angelillo
Age: 19 (20 in a few days!)
School: Moore College of Art and Design
Major: Art Education
Job: Sales Associate at Icing (Claire’s)
Relationship Status: Newly Single!
Washington Township, NJ

If you could be one art medium what would it be and why?
Paint! I’m a bright and colorful person. I love to paint, because color is so important, which isn’t really true for a lot of mediums. 

It’s a typical Friday night, if your not covered in paint what are you doing?
Most likely working at the mall until 11, then finding a gathering to attend.

Tell us something quirky about yourself that most people wouldn’t know at first glance.
I’m like 100% Italian (despite my fair appearance) and from NJ, so people here at Moore tend to think I’m some sort of alien from the jersey shore.

Any unique hobbies?
I love knitting and making jewelry. I have my own business!

Twenty years from now where will you be in life?
Sculpting young minds, in Philadelphia of course, can’t leave my Phillies

What is the total makes a total package for you?
All I look for is a good sense of humor and honesty. 

What current popular female styles do you hate?
Not really feeling those fur vest things.

What current popular male styles do you hate? 
Mohawks. Yikes!

Ideal first date?
I’m pretty open minded. Probably something that involves walking around the city and grabbing some food or gelato. I LOVE gelato

What was your worst breakup?
Over the phone, lame!

What is your deal breaker?
Yankees or Dallas fans. Not cool

Do you think its ok when a girl asks a guy out?
Definitely! Some guys are shy.

Anything the people should know about you before they try to approach you?
I’m loud. I talk a mile a minute and can’t control my hand gestures. Gotta get on my level if you wanna keep up. 

Think you can keep up with this Jersey girl?