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Getting Organized

It’s a new year, which for us college students, means a new semester! Fall is over and now its time to look forward to spring, and what better way to kick start the semester then with various ways of keeping yourself organized? Organization plays a huge role in meeting your deadlines, completing assignments, and being less stressed . It can make you or break you. Don’t let it break you! Being organized is as easy as 1-2-3!

#1. Keeping a calendar, or an agenda book can be the most important step to becoming organized. I always rely on my planner to keep updated on project due dates, HerCampus blog entry deadlines, and even holidays and special occasions. Write down dates from your syllabus to remember when you will need new supplies, or when you have something to turn it. Use it to write down events for yourself as a way of looking forward to the end of the week! I use my planner as a way of reminding myself of what I have to do, and when I have to do it. For example, when I have a deadline due I write down the deadline, but also mark down reminders for myself a few days before as a way of keeping it in my memory. This way I can be ready a few days in advance and I don’t have to think about worrying if I will make the deadline or not. Last minute stress is the worst, and you can achieve your goals on time by just jotting it down, and being able to understand what steps need to be taken to get there. This has been a successful way for me to stay on top of things, and never miss a deadline.
#2. Having a routine everyday, and following it is ideal in 
organization. It is a good way for yourself, and others to adjust to your daily schedule. By adapting to your daily schedule, you are getting used to doing things without procrastination, which can be a bad thing. If you set a time for waking up, getting dressed, and having breakfast, you’ll soon realize there will be no time for procrastination! It won’t even exist. I always set multiple alarms to allow myself extra time if things don’t go the way I plan in the morning. For example, if I wake up late, or if my bathroom is being used at the moment, it’s okay because I have a back up plan, which gives me extra time to be on time. I have adapted to my daily routine, and can now wake up and do what I do every morning without thinking- you can get there too, if you just set a routine goal and achieve it! So plan out your morning, figure out how much time you need for breakfast, or for getting your things together for class. Think about how much time you need for transportation, and consider what you do in the morning before school in order to make a schedule for your daily routine.

#3. Maintaining folders for every course is already something that may be required for a class, but is also very crucial inorganization. By keeping binders for each class, you keep documents in an organized manner. My folders, which are 3-ring binders, consist of tabs to divide the courses into sections. These tabs include notes, class assignments, projects and so on. Essentially, you can organize your binder in any way, but by keeping tabs it can easily classify your work in order of completion; like a filing drawer you can always go back and find something right where it should be. I can guarantee that this is the best way to keeping track of your work, and/or what you get back from your teachers. Also, this way you can make sure you don’t misplace something, or worse, lose it forever.
I recommend using this method to keep organized. Staying on top of things can make you a better student, and an even better individual. Staying organized can assist in your success in the future, and can make you a stronger working person. It will help you achieve your goals, and deadlines. I’m no doctor, but I know that by keeping organized you will be less stressed. So take advantage of this, and get organized! Today!

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