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Creating A Good Student-Teacher Relationship

     Making a good impression is very important for a teacher student relationship. This means that from the moment they step into the classroom the teacher is studying the student, and the student is studying the teacher. The first day in the class can set the mood for the rest of the semester, so be sure the first impressions are good ones! In order to make sure they make a great first impression there are a few things they can do:

1. Try to look presentable.This does not mean show up in a suit and tie, but try not to show up in your pajamas and slippers.

2. Pay attention.The last thing anyone wants to do is be known as the student that fell asleep the first day. The student should shoe the teacher that they are dedicated to their education and the teacher will be more willing to help if they find themselves struggling.

3. Introduce yourself.
Teachers tend to see a multitude of students throughout the week and sometimes the more quiet students tend to get lost in the background. When a student introduces themselves to teachers they are more likely to be remembered. A simple short introduction at the beginning of the year will let the teacher know that the student is taking the class seriously and wants to be noticed.

 Even after these simple steps some students find themselves faced with a tough teacher. Some students might be lucky and love all of their teachers, but some will find themselves face to face with a teacher that they just cannot see eye to eye with no matter what they do. No matter what they do they always seem to bump heads and it gets to the point that every time they have that class they dread going. This kind of relationship with a teacher can really interfere with your schoolwork, which is never a good thing. Almost everyone will have to deal with this situation at some point, but luckily there are ways to try and mend the relationship with a teacher. By using some of these strategies the student and the teacher can come to an understanding, which will hopefully make everyone’s life much less stressful! First things first, figure out what exactly is causing all of the tension. If it is something that can simply talk through with a teacher they have two options:

1. Plan a meeting with the teacher so that both parties can discuss what is bothering them and see if there is some way it can be worked out.

2. If the student is not the face-to-face type, write an email or a letter.

With both of these methods the student should discuss with the teacher what exactly they are feeling and how it makes them feel. After everyone’s opinion of the situation has been assessed both student and teacher should then begin suggesting solutions to each of the problems. By doing this both parties will be able to see how the other is handling the classroom setting and might be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing everyone so much stress.
If neither one works, and the stress from being in this class is more than the student can handle, they have to put their schooling first! Remember there is always the option of trying to transfer out of that class and into another, this will not hurt the teachers feelings and the student will have the opportunity to learn from someone that might understand them a little better. 

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