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Benefits Of An Out Of State School

Are you interested in attending an out-of-state college, but are too nervous with the decision making process? I’m here to help! In 2009, I had to make the decision of where I was going to go to college. Was I going to go away, or was I going to stay in state? Coming from beautiful Florida, is was something that made my decision e
ven more difficult. Let’s just say this was not an easy task; however, I had little to no time to make my choice, so typically I made a list of pros and cons, and weighed the advantages and disadvantages of the situation.
One of the most important reasons why I knew I wanted to attend college out of state was because of the college itself. Moore has such an incredible personality; it’s filled with ambitious, and talented artists and designers. This was something that I admired, and I knew I wanted to be a part of. Consider trying to answer these questions: Where is the prospective school located? Is it far/near? What is the school like? Can you see yourself going there? Envision yourself a few months into the school year, and picture your new lifestyle out-of-state. Will you be ok with living away from your family and friends? Can you afford it? Also, think about the same conditions, but in-state. You must list the pros and cons, and weigh those two appropriately.
Another thing you must think about is how you can benefit from this transition. How will this change you? Is it good change? What do you want from this experience? Vary your expectations and consider your future career. How will this help you become closer to your career goal? I always asked myself this, and it was tough to have a definite answer. Having a flawless plan is nearly impossible. It’s okay to not have exact answers, because situations could always change. How will you ever know? You won’t, unless you give it a shot. Ah, the beauty of the college life.

Lastly, think like an adult: How can this journey help you in the future? I thought about it, and in hindsight I realized that by going out-of-state I could meet more people, and have a better understanding of the world, which was something I have always been interested in. Moving away from home can give you a new outlook on life, and new perspective on your career. Meeting new people, and making friends is essential to any career, especially in the art world. Building new relationships, and maintaing these bonds could potentially make you a stronger person, and help you blossom into the individual you wish to become.
Going out-of-state can provide you with personal growth, something that you may not benefit from staying in-state. The transition of moving away, attending college elsewhere, and having to fend for yourself is something that has pushed me to become an independent woman. Today, I’m grateful for the opportunities this experience has led me to obtain. So consider taking this risk; it could change your life!

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