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Balance Between a Healthy Relationship and School

Almost everyone has seen something on TV that makes relationships look so easy. TV and movies make sustaining a relationship and good grades seem like a piece of cake. 
Most people look at these types of shows and try to find the characters secrets to such an easy life, but the real secret is that relationships and school neverblend together perfectly. It can be a struggle but it is manageable. It can be difficult to deal with school or relationships alone, so a certain level of stress is completely understandable when it comes to trying to balance them. Meeting the needs of your significant other as well as teachers can be very overwhelming so do not be hard on yourself. Balance takes practice and with a little dedication from all people involved harmony can be achieved!

            One thing that must be mastered in order to keep life on track is time management. This is the key to most problems. Making sure you pay the right amount of attention to schoolwork and your partner is very imperative. Make a schedule for yourself, and be sure to follow it. Give yourself time to talk or hang out, but not until after all schoolwork is completed. Spendtime helping each other study or doing homework, this allows the two of you to spend quality time
 together and also get assignments done. Keeping this kind of schedule may seem like a lot ofplanningforsomething so small but if you do it everyday it will be a second nature in no time.

            The next thing one must do is be sure to keep communication flowing between your partner and yourself as well as with your teachers. Be comfortable enough to tell either of them when things are becoming toostressful for you and how you can move forward. Tell your partner when you need help or even when you need space and your teacher when you need a little assistance or time with an assignment, in most cases they will be happy to help. While you ca talk to your teachers about needing assistance a student should try not to make this something that happens often. A significant other will still be there to go out to dinner with next week but deadlines cannot always be adjusted, so make sure you prioritize wisely.

Last but not least, everyone involved in this circle mustlearn respect. Show respect for teachers and for yourpartner. Be sure to let your partner know they are appreciated and make sure your teacher knows you take them seriously. When they know that you respect them they are more willing to show you the respect that you deserve. Building a mutual respect for both parties will help to make the relationship stronger. A strong relationship makes it easier to preserve. You’ll be happy and you’ll be making those around you happy also. Keeping both relationships balanced will take a lot of practice, but if you stick to it you’ll be on your way to the deans list and your own happily ever after.

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