An Open Letter to Pledge Class ‘19

You’ve made it through the nerve racking run home from the steps of Palmer, across the uneven bricks edging Main Quad, and into the loving arms of your new sisters!

Bid Day is one of my fondest memories from my freshman year, especially considering that I did NOT fall on my face in front of the entire Greek community (at least on Bid Day).

By now, the buzzing energy from bid day is beginning to wear off and if you are anything like me, you are wondering what is next for you in your new found home.

The first few weeks in a Greek organization can be challenging, just like anything new, you are learning what ‘normal’ feels like.

These first few weeks can also be the best in your college career, so soak them up. Move on the hall. Go on every midnight Taco Bell run. Do face-masks in the chapter room. Ask questions. Get to know every single one of your sisters (or brothers!), even if they are seniors and they seem WAY too cool for you. Wear your letters with pride,even if that means annoying your family with your outfit changes.

These weeks following Bid Day are the ones that you will talk about in your senior speech. They are the ones that will bring tears of joy to your eyes when you look back at them.

Take in every moment of your first year in your sorority because you only get one. Next year, it will be a whole new set of potential new members, and a whole new adventure for you (littles!).

As you embark on this incredibly rewarding journey, remember to be kind to everyone. Represent yourself and your organization to the best of your ability. By going Greek, you are being blessed with an extra family, not just composed of your sisters (or brothers!) but composed of every person who has ever had the privilege of being a part of an organization that is bigger than themselves.