MEET THE STAFF: Nicole Anderson, Social Media Director

Nicole Anderson is a senior at the University of Montevallo studying Communication Studies with a minor in Public Relations. Nicole is the Social Media Director of Her Campus at Montevallo. She plans our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts as well as oversees a social media staff. 


What is your favorite thing about Her Campus?

“My favorite thing is the freedom that is allowed to the writers. HC allows individuals to write about anything they want, giving them complete control over the narrative. In return, this benefits the audience. I know I want to read about a certain topic, I can just search for it through Her Campus!”


What inspires you?

“Seeing someone live an honest and enthusiastic life. My friends do a great job if being the perfect role model for this.”


What is your plan/goal after graduation?

“After graduation, I want to move to a city and start my career in communications and marketing; specifically social media and PR.” 


What is a piece of advice for college freshmen?

“I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. To make it through college and life, you must learn how to love yourself, pick up the pieces and realize that this is where you are meant to be in this time.”