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Fenty X Savage verses Victoria’s Secret

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montevallo chapter.

Savage X Fenty has been making headlines since Rihanna released it in 2018. Just like Fenty Beauty, Rihanna focuses on diversity in her lingerie line. Her fashion shows consist of diversity of races and body types. 

Savage X Fenty’s latest fashion show aired on Amazon and guests were restricted from filming video or taking pictures.The show trended on Twitter the night it premiered.

Tweets flew out about how viewers were amazed that the dancers were able to move so fiercely in the lingerie without one boob-slip in sight. 

So what’s the difference between between Savage X Fenty and other intimate apparel brands such as  Victoria’s Secret? Fenty markets their product as inclusive and catering toward all consumers. 

According to Vogue Magazine, Victoria’s Secret says they were “one of the first to show diversity in high fashion”.

Victoria’s Secret fashion show is famous for their Angels that strut the runway in lingerie and wings. All of the women that walk in the VS fashion show are kept to high standards in terms of body type and height. 

With Victoria’s Secrets reportedly down because of the competition, VS has released new collections such as the “Modern Lingerie” collection that showcases more provocative and luxurious designs. 

On the other hand, media outlets such as Good Morning America is coining the Savage X Fenty fashion show as the “one of the most inclusive and diverse fashion shows ever”. 

According to Elle Magazine Rihanna promised inclusiveness.

Savage X Fenty is not only different because of its progressiveness, but also because it is the first of its kind to have a lingerie brand with a pop star as its CEO.

The buzz will grow as Rhianna’s line continues to focus on diversity including plus sized and Transgender models. 


Breanna Malone

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