Her Campus--Thanks for agreeing to this interview. I’ll start by asking what drew you to Montevallo?

Carson Reed--I visited campus when I was in 10th grade for the Festival of Voices. The campus was gorgeous and everybody I met made me feel welcome, plus my director went here so he would talk about it all the time too.

HC--You’re a musical theatre major. How long have you been an actor?

Carson--My parents always wanted me to be pretty involved in school, and so I signed up to be an actor in a school play when I was eight. I had a good time doing it, so I signed up to do more shows, and I just slowly fell in love with it over time.

HC--How do you want to pursue acting as a career?

Carson--Oh, I want to be on stage. There are courses for movies and stuff here, but the stage is really where I want to be. I guess I’m just letting them guide me to where I fit best. If I end up being really good at TV acting, so be it, you know?

HC--You joined a fraternity, applied to be an orientation leader, and thought about being a maven. What made you want to be so involved on campus?

Carson--I feel like I have a lot to give. I want to put into Montevallo what Montevallo has already given to me. Plus, seeing my own orientation leaders and College Night leaders has inspired me. Really, if I’m involved on campus then I’ll get that much more out of it. 

HC--Earlier you mentioned your high school director is a part of why you came here. I take it he’s a pretty significant figure in your life?

Carson--Oh, absolutely. His name is Brian Quillin. He was the 1998 Purple Side leader and was pretty involved on campus. He would always tell me about all his fond memories from Montevallo.

HC--Are you looking forward to College Night?

Carson--Yes, extremely. I’m auditioning for the show but even if I don’t make it I still want to be involved in the purple side college night process in any way I can.

HC--Why did you pick Purple Side? Carson--I had a lot of friends over there and I saw how happy they all were, but I still told myself I wouldn’t choose a side until the mixer. I went back and forth a little bit, and though I honestly could see myself going, either way, I really resonated with Purple Side when we would do the chants and everybody wanted me to stand by them. It really showed how much they cared about me already.

HC--You’re already very involved on campus. What would you say to people who are not as involved but want to be?

Carson--The little things go a long way. Make friends with people who are in your grade. Two freshmen I know have actually started organizations, so you never know what people are doing. Don’t be afraid to sign up for something you’re passionate about even if your friends aren’t doing it with you.

HC--What has been the most challenging thing about college?

Carson--Having to create my own schedule, with both extracurriculars and academics. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed and sign up for too much. In high school, everything was done by 5, and here stuff can go way later than that.

HC--What has helped you after moving away from home?

Carson--I’ve turned my dorm into a home. I have pictures of friends, books, and decorations with a lot of sentimental value, and I’ve done a lot of DIY stuff to make it seem more home-y.