14 Gifs Only Mass Com Majors Relate To

From writing to video editing, being a Mass Communication Student is harder than you think. 

  1. 1. Wanting to Go Off the Grid but Remembering Social Media is Your Career

    There's nothing more exhausting than waking up to beautiful girls with toned bodies and couples on picturesque vacations. Sometimes you just want to delete all of your social media for a zen social media detox and then you remember your entire career revolves around social media. 

  2. 2. When the Associated Press Makes a New Grammar Rule You Disagree With

    I mean who decided against the Oxford Comma?

  3. 3. When You Get to Play With the Green Screen

    Perks of being a Mass Com Major.

  4. 4. When You're Trying to Teach Yourself Premiere Pro 


  5. 5. When People Say Mass Com Majors Are Stupid

    Yeah, okay, let's talk when you're the one juggling 7 jobs for one salary.

  6. 6. When You Have an Essay Due in Every Class but You've Already Written Over 5 Articles for Your Journalism Class

    It's too much.

  7. 7. Daydreaming About the Day You Work for Cosmo Instead of Writing About Local News

    If I have to write more article about SGA elections...

  8. 8. When Your Conservative Family Members Talk About Fake News as if You're the Problem

    "I just want to write about fashion"

  9. 9. Treating Yourself After Doing the Bare Minimum of Emailing Someone an Interview Time

    Self care is vital.

  10. 10. When You Finish Writing the Lede


  11. 11. Finding Out Being a Journalist Isn't Anything Like the Movies and You're Going into Debt to Make 30,000 a Year 

    Crying emoji.

  12. 12. When You See Your Article Idea on a News Site


  13. 13. When You Show Your Family Your Published Work and They Say Cool

    Where is my Pulitzer? 

  14. 14. "Be prepared to get arrested, sued, threatened, and stalked"

    Thanks for the warning, prof. 

What are your experiences as a Mass Com Major?