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Yaritza Romero


Meet Yaritza Romero, a Union City native that you don’t want to forget! This collegiate is a Communication and Media Arts major and is one of the co-hosts on Montclair’s very own radio show. She’s just only finishing up her freshman year and it is clear she has a bright future in store for her!


HCM: What activities are you a part of on campus?


YR: MSU Radio


HCM: What made you decide to get involved with the radio station at MSU?


YR: my friend Nakia Swinton shadowed a radio show last fall semester and she asked me and our friend Stephanie Nienstedt if we wanted to co-host her show for spring semester!


HCM: Wow! That is an amazing opportunity; we would love to listen! When/ where can we listen to you?


YR: wmscradio.com on Wednesdays at 10pm-1am, the radio show is called Overnight Delight!


HCM: It must be hard to balance school, work, and co-hosting a radio show, how do you do it?


YR: It’s very difficult, but I plan everything. I try to be as organized as I can be because I know everything has to be done accordingly. Thankfully, I only work on weekends!


What is your dream job?


YR: I would love to work in Seventeen Magazine doing all the interviews for the celebrities, but I also found a new love for radio, so if I can do anything with the radio for the rest of my life then I would be happy! 


HCM: Awesome so is a career in radio in the near future?


YR: I am scared to put my eggs in one basket, but I really would love to balance radio and something with journalism in the mix.


HCM: What do you hope to achieve post graduation?


YR: As cliche as it sounds, I just want to be happy and that would include me doing something that has to do with the media field.


HCM: If you could describe your personal style in 3 words, what would it be?


YR: The 3 O’s: I am very organized, optimistic, and outgoing!

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