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Why You Should Get Into Film Photography

Disposable cameras have been making a comeback recently thanks to David Dobrik and a number of other influencers. Taking a disposable camera to a party is a fun way to get candid photos of friends that create a nostalgic feeling to them. However, investing in a film camera is a great long-term alternative to capturing these memories. They are better for the environment because the plastic is not thrown out after one use, and the photos come out clearer due to the glass lens!


Here’s some reasons why you should get into film photography:

The Aesthetic

Even just by looking at a picture, oftentimes you can differentiate whether it was taken on a phone or on film. Film cameras have a unique tint to them that makes it look like there’s already a filter on the photo. It almost gives you a nostalgic feeling when looking back at the memories you’ve captured. To me, film photos seem more candid and authentic.

It’s Cheaper Than a Digital Camera

If you’re looking to get started in photography, a film camera is a great option! Oftentimes it is cheaper to buy a film camera rather than a DSLR. Since film cameras have been around longer than digital ones, it is common to find them at second-hand stores for affordable prices. Plus, film cameras will give you the same quality, if not better, than digital cameras will! Since photos taken on film have a higher resolution, the cameras can perform better in poor lighting. Once you master the settings of one camera, challenge yourself with another!

Different Ways to Shoot!

There are many different ways to shoot film, so you can have fun testing out different options! From shooting different types of rolls (colored/black and white) to practicing shooting automatically vs. manually, you won’t get bored with the various options.

It’s Fun!

Point-and-shoot film cameras such as disposables are fun to bring around with friends for candid moments. Bringing one to a party can capture candid moments that you will be glad you can look back on. Plus, it’s a lot of fun going around and taking pictures of friends and family!

It’s Exciting to Get the Pictures Back

Unlike digital photography, I cannot immediately see the picture I took on film. Once I finish shooting a roll, I take it to a camera store and wait about a week for it to get developed. By that time, I already have forgotten a lot of the things I took pictures of. The anticipation of waiting to get my pictures back is exciting and I love seeing how they all turned out!

Shooting film is a timeless art form that is both rewarding and enjoyable. Whether you are looking into it for quirky, unplanned memories or are more serious about shooting portraits and landscapes, there is a place for everyone in the world of film. Now go get a camera and start shooting!

Kelsey Gilroy is a senior at Montclair State University majoring in Communication Studies. She loves to travel and take pictures! In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends or online shop.
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