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Why Are There Pesticides in My Pads? Things To Know About Your Feminine Hygiene Products

I never questioned why pads were so uncomfortable for me. I assumed my sensitive skin was the issue, not the pad. Women always seem to blame themselves, but this time, we are holding pads and tampons accountable.

I wore pads for years and dealt with the irritation and rashes. It got so bad that I had to apply diaper cream to get through the day. So on top of painful period cramps and headaches, I had to put up with problems from my pads.

Finally, I asked my mom if she had the same issues. She said pads have never been comfortable for her either, and she also deals with the irritation. It wasn’t just me.

I don’t know why it took me so long to do research, but I’m glad I finally did. After a quick google search, I discovered exactly why my skin hates pads.

Dioxins, furans, pesticides and polyethylene are just a few substances used to make tampons and pads. I went 19 years of my life believing pads and tampons were just cotton. According to MadeSafe.Org, even cotton pads are made from cotton grown with toxic pesticides. Then they go through a bleaching process for appearance.

Women should know what they are subjecting the most sensitive part of their bodies to. Period products are expensive, and we are paying all of this money for products that harm us. Chemicals that can lead to cancer, endocrine disruptors and reproductive issues aren’t disclosed on the packaging; that is an issue.

If you need some recommendations for non-toxic menstrual products, I have you covered. Some great brands include L., Rael, The Honey Pot Company, Seventh Generation and Cora. You can also opt for menstrual cups and washable pads. When you make the switch, you’re not only helping yourself; these companies’ products are biodegradable and organic. Help your vagina, save the planet and support smaller companies. Women are known as multitaskers for a reason.

I’m Jada Bonilla, a contributing writer for HerCampus. My main goal when writing an article is to create an open conversation about the topic. Motivating others to think deeper about issues is important to me. I think different points of view are so valuable and I love to hear other peoples ideas and opinions. I express my own ideas through creativity, HerCampus gives me the chance to channel that creativity.
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