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Who Wore it Best? Amanda Seyfried vs. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence VS Amanda Seyfried


Both these A-list starlets sure know how to stand out on thered carpet. Jennifer Lawrence is wearing Zac Posen while her fashion rival,Amanda Seyfried is rocking Haute Couture Christian Dior. Who will rise out ontop?


Darika: I love that Jennifer and Amanda rocked the pre-fallcolor: navy. With their complexions the color looks great on both girls. However, the winner for me is Amanda. The sweetheart neckline adds a sweet touchof elegance and the way her hair falls to the side keeps the gracefulness ofthe look.

Dylan: I absolutely adore the sweet-heart neckline andcascading frill at the bottom of this dress. It fits her figure perfectly whileher hair swept to one side gives her a soft look. Jennifer’s, however, is adifferent story, this tubular dress does absolutely nothing for her and is waytoo long, it makes her look like a piñata. I sort of want to hit her with astick, she has an amazing body and this does nothing for her. Love JenniferLawrence, hate the dress. Amanda is the winner for sure.

Dimitra: Seyfried wore it best. The navy looks great against her skintone and brings out her eyes. I prefer the design of her dress over Lawrence’s. It’s perfect while, Lawrence’s dress looks wrinkly and she even looks uncomfortable in it. I also love the simple necklace Seyfried is wearing. Perfect way to accessorize with this dress.

Winner: Amanda Seyfried

Check out how the dresses looked on the runway below:

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